Winter Shadows

“The spring sun, came out for some fun and brought up, tall shadows” Gun Roswell

Winter Shadows

As the spring time approaches
It’s time to dim down the torches
The sun getting so high
Up in the bright blue sky
It is so unusual and unexpected
Almost as if everyone somehow neglected
Is the brightness and lightness of it all
Because ever since the time of fall
Darkness was all these creatures would know
But now, as the warmth and sunshine descends
Over the land, minds and souls start to reflect
All those happy thoughts one could do
When the nature and mankind alike
Start their journey out of the blue
Stepping into the now blinding light
Shedding their winter gear just out of spite
For, spring, followed by summer
Can never be, a total down letting bummer

Winter Madness

“Nothing like a snowstorm in the beginning of spring to bring out the madness within” Gun Roswell

Winter Madness

When the early march morning beckoned
It was time, most of us reckoned
For nice, warm, sunny weather to begin
After all, it was supposed to be the start of spring

Alas, the weather gods above disagreed
Raising hell, with a cold streak instead
Pouring to the very ground as much as possible to be
The white powdery stuff came down on our necks

So, is there a lesson to be learned here?
Maybe, as long as we live on this blue sphere
Never expect the good old days with weather great
And always be prepared to the worst, with a bursta
After all, we live in the “good” and not so good modern days!

A few, then two, then, only one (mundane monday)

“I think you can find all the elements that you can find in great literature in mundane experiences” Harvey Pekar


A few, then two, then, only one

It started with a still quite a few
But then, there were only two
Until, finally remaining
A single, solemn one
Nothing was there, to be done
For the harsh time of Winter
Had finally, to this place, come


Freshly made tracks in the early morning

“The ski tracks, in the freshly fallen snow, nothing lack, until the wind blows” Gun Roswell

Freshly made tracks in the early morning

Early morning, just at dawn
Something odd, into the soft white ground fall
The flakes so thin, so delicate
In beauty they will nothing lack
But a deep cut into the very core
Will make the gorgeous blanket sore
As the devices made out of plastic
Cut deep into the delicate blanket
Leaving scars a while lasting
A shadowy darkness over the softness casting
Bleeding, without healing
Until the sky breaks into tears
And healing soft flakes
The opens wounds place takes

Rain with tiny singing Droplets

“It is raining, tiny pieces of glassy mirrors, reflecting life” Gun Roswell

Rain with tiny singing Droplets

Forming, a gigantic watery puddle
As together, these tiny pieces try to huddle
Glassy droplets, sent, from the heavens above
When the rain gods decided, them upon us to shove
The mirror like and imperfect things
Reflecting life, as on the surface now, they sing
But soon, they will be devoured, into the big ocean
All of them rolling together, in one motion
Until finally, being completely sucked, into the scorched land
Thus disappearing, for good, as if it was, the whole plan

Snowed in on a Friday

“Maybe, this is the last of the snow for this year?” Gun Roswell

Snowed in on a Friday

The snow started falling
Just around when midnight was calling
It just kept on pouring
Until the ground was souring
With powdery white stuff
Nobody knowing if it was enough
But someone said, shut up
And then we watch as the snow kept on coming
Then soon enough, none of us was humming
The piles on piles of snowflakes
Even covered the small watery lake
No matter where you watched
Nothing, no nothing remained untouched
The world was covered in this, thing
Even the bird stopped to sing
Most likely going to hiding
Worried what they might not be finding
The chewy worms in the ground
Because that was no longer to be found
The only thing alive
Was the white snow which came from above