Trying on a Ride

“Too many vehicles, too many choices” Gun Roswell

Trying on a Ride

When the itcing to take a long ride
Takes on, but then it’s so hard to decide
Which option, would be the absolute best
Better just pick up one, really quickly, and forget the rest

Heading to the crowded streets
This really never is, what I seek
The open roads, the sun on my back
That is the image, which is painted on my back

Steering clear of the city limits
I know, it took a few and some more, of them gimmicks
But soon enough the highway is in sight
And my poor little scooter, is finally taking flight!

Two to four wheels at the time

“Rides of another land, can be different from what you are used to” Gun Roswell

Two to four wheels at the time

When roaming around the roads of a different land
Sometimes you want to try something else than to stand
On your two legs, strolling around might be a lot of fun
Or then too damned exhausting under the scorching sun
So why settle for tears and lots and lots of running sweat
Why don’t you try a different approach instead?
And hop on a ride with two or four wheels and let
These manual and motorized vehicles of plenty
Are simple and easy to be selected
Just walk into any of the road side rentals
Try and pick up the most suited pedals

Then follow these few steps
And you are for a day set:

Fill up the tank
Don’t forget your thanks
And like in the cliché movie done
Ride towards the setting sun
Like I said, this can be a lot of fun!

People Watching

“I love work, I could sit and watch people working for hours on end!” Gun Roswell

People Watching

In my own hide away I take things really slow
As I keep on watching life on the streets below
People, cars, rushing by
Time sometimes fast sometimes slow by fly
On ther way to their way to different places
Nothing and no one for a long still stays as is
Making observations and mental notes
Sometimes even daring, to take a few photos
Never a part of them, never far away from them
But ever the vigilant watcher
Of the life down on the streets never stopping there

Transports for Mundane Monday (1)

“Choose and pick, which ever you may fancy!” Gun Roswell

Transports for Mundane Monday 


With a tram, you can calmly sit down and even have a ham
No need for steering, for peddling for even discussion of any kind, if you so decide
Just sit and enjoy, the ever changing scenery, and when you are ready to jump of, shout ahoy
Or then, just push the red stop button, instead!

Transports for Mundane Monday (2)

“Choose and pick, which ever you may fancy!” Gun Roswell

Transports for Mundane Monday 

Blue Car

Owned by “Katri” as it clearly states on the back of the tiny blue car
She has really taken care of this piece of technology so far
Driven it all across the country and then some
And freely admitting, she and her friends really had a lot of fun

Wild Ride I one

“Take a ride on the wild side” Gun Roswell

Wild Ride

Blue Moped

A ride on the minimalistic size motorbike
Turned out to be quite the interesting hike
Hardly fitting my big fat ass on its seat
But got on it anyway, as I never admit defeat

My knees bent, almost to the hilt
I am sitting here, on this smallest of seats
With the wind and all them flies in my face
Yes, truly this is a memorable stage

Riding along the streets at noon
Certainly, to the onlookers, I am funny as a buffoon
Cannot say I am enjoying the scenery
As the most concentration is used to keep the bike steady

But like all good (or bad) experiences my ride has ended
And I am really so glad this time to have wasted
In learning a lesson of sizes and even gravity
And some people should just stay on this side of sanity