Winter Tales 5

“The snows frozen cover, has finally descended” Gun Roswell

Winter Tales 5

Frozen are the leaves in the tallest trees
A thick layer of snow covering the immobile objects seized
by the power of nature, all of the life remains still
And today, not even the sound of wind
disturbs the scenery of the well made art work
Prepared as the Winter season perk
For us mere humans to be in awe and to enjoy
The ultimate hoax, the ultimate ploy
For us to venture into the great outdoors
Even if the heavy wind us right in the face blows

Winter Tales 4

“Hidden, behind the trees and under the freshly fallen snow, a place of rest “ Gun Roswell

Winter Tales 4

The small house in the middle of thick forest
A place to go when the need to unwind and rest
Gets too strong after the multitude of seasonal parties
So, before you totally let your heart sink
Pack a small bag with only the necessities
And remember, time is never the essence here
When through the tiny door enter
All your troubles and worries at the threshold center
Only the good things in there are allowed
Not even cussing or whining permitted aloud
Spend your days with solemn contemplation
Or with a good book for hours on end without fear of damnation
This, is the place of peace and rest
And when inside the house you have done your very best
Pull up a pair of skis or skates
And take yourself outside to the fresh air or even the frozen lake
Enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer
And maybe you too will live longer and prosper

Winter Tales 3

“The fresh footfalls in the snow in the early morning before the wind blows”
Gun Roswell

Winter Tales 3

Just after the early morning sunrise
Awaiting, behind tight closed blinds
A seasonal and unexpected surprise
During the long dark night
Something soft, bright and white
Onto the bare ground fallen from the skies

Shrieking our of happiness and utter joy
Up out and about the rare weather to finally enjoy
Putting on snow shoes and out in to the cold to venture
For today, is the day of that long awaited great adventure

Winter had finally full filled its promise
Pouring all the fluffy soft powder to each and every crevice
Now nothing more perfect than clear blue skies and sun
So what if we play hooky and get one day of fun!

Winter Tales 2

“Frozen is the water across the lake, yeah so walk on it, it may or may not break!” Gun Roswell

Winter Tales 2

The forest quiet and oh so very still
Nothing head except my footfalls drill
Deep into the frozen snow surface
As in deeper I venture without prejudiced
My breathing getting heavier
As is the cold surrounding weather
No time for thinking or even stopping
To admire the views up popping
I am on a secret mission
And it is to take a hike without intermission
In this winter wonderland of sorts
Before it all once again melts

Winter Tales 1

“The frozen landscape is pretty, when looking from behind the window in a nice and warm place”
Gun Roswell

Winter Tales 1

When the temperatures hit below zero degrees
Celsius not the other kind though, then it all freezes
The cold seizing it all, soul, body and even the floor
If you stick your nose out the door
It will surely make you sneeze, because of all the cold
But there is a sense of adventure
If you into the great snowy white want to venture
Just remember to bundle yourself up
In warm clothing, all way to the nose stuck
Grab a pair of old school skis
And into the great wide open you’ll leave
Don’t forget the apparatus for snapping memories
Those will last way beyond, when the winter soon enough flees
For with this type of warming on the loose
You might be stumbling into water filled with geese

What ever floats in my mind (two)

“Whatever floats your boat as long as it doesn’t sink mine!”

float boat 1

What ever floats in my mind

Start your engines and may the best women; win!

Yes, yes, yes! I was watching the season finale of the RuPaul’s Drag Race today and, no, my favourite queen was not crowned today. This is actually supposed to be, again, one of those exercises for where I type in what ever floats in my mind in an allotted amount of time.

Problem: There is a *lot* floating there, whether it is inspirational, interesting or even artistic, is another matter. So here I am tapping the keys on my mac, which I actually wrote an homage to a little while back. Go figure!

OK, so back to the subject at hand: What is going on in my mind? Thinking, thinking, thinking… Ah here is a topic! Well, as my Mommy used to tell me: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the fuck up!” And she was right. I try to count to five, sometimes even ten is needed to calm down when ever something really sets me off. But I am going to share a little secret here, trying not to be to harsh about it.

For a little while now, I have gotten deeper and deeper into the underbelly of the wery wide web. Yeah, the “w” was on purpose ;P So like the rant said, I am socially investigating interesting and well to be honest, not so interesting sites and people. (No, *not* stalking 😉 ).

Where was I? Oh yes, so I have been following this TV show and kind of liked it. Actually liking is an understatement! I got pretty much hooked on it. Enjoying the seasons so far (last season was kind of ‘meh’), but now I have learnt of a few changes in the show and the main characters are about to happen in the upon coming season. To be honest, all the hype out there generated by the “real” hard core fans is getting really annoying and the changes seem unrealistic to the nature of the show, so it may be I need to start looking for a new favourite series sooner than later. They say change is good, well, let’s see. Maybe I will turn off the television all together and pick up knitting!

Alright, enough about that subject. Guess now since I have actually shared my pain I can move on! Oh please grow up! It is a television series, not real life.

So back to the topic and what is floating in my mind. Oh, oh, oh, I have revived my life passion of photography. Not that I ever left it, but for the past year or so, the extension of my arm, also known as a c.a.m.e.r.a, had been a wee bit neglected, but now I once more feel it detached to myself. Snapping away like a mad woman!

Talking of which, or witch: yes you can call me one if you like ;P. So talking about being a little cuckoo or hii-haa or (whistling sound while spinning my finger pointed at my head), so crazy basically. I have come to realize you have to be a little off your rockers to actually pull out any kind of regular job people do in today’s world. And I think it is actually a requirement for the artistic field. So guess I am on the right track, either way. And to think about it, I used to be worried, especially having such a crazy family. But that tale is a topic for another day!

So what is floating in my mind… Let’s see, of course the pending surgery, that is a given. What else. Train of thought, OK, now I am actually thinking and when that happens, all ideas are out the door. For example if I plan my writing ahead, characters, plot (what plot?) and all that jazz, I end up having a nice setup and then start writing and the complete work is actually something completely different. So, I have realized thinking is no good, not for me at least. This may not be a good guideline for everyone and certainly not what the books on the subject matter teach. But when I let go, and let the characters guide me, the story writes itself. OK, so I am telling a little tall tale here, since I currently have at least ten stories in various stages of incompletion, but still. Take this rant for example. No planning and here I am typing, still typing, just typing. Utter, complete, nonsense!

And with that thought, I will take the exit to the right. Thanks Ladies and Gents! It’s been real! Please come back for more in the near future for more of… Tales of the Unexpected (or what ever floats in my mind)!

What ever floats in my mind (one)

“Every writer I know has trouble writing” Joseph Heller


What ever floats in my mind

I woke up, when I was born, no sooner, no later. That was as stupid an opening line as “Once upon a time” or “It was a cold and rainy night”, but I thought I was being clever in starting the tale with a joke. You who follow my writing may have noticed the humouristic twist in most tales, at least at some point. For the life of me, I cannot write serious, not matter how I try. Maybe I would have a career in joke writing or scetches for “Saturday Night Live” or similar shows.

OK, so the agreed process for this tale is: Absolutely no censorship in this tale, my mind freely flowing as my fingers do the typing. I am no longer in command of this vessel. What ever is written on these pages is purely fictional as produced by the army of voices living in my head. I was thinking of cheating of course, thinking before writing, plotting my way into this tale.

After emerging from the deep state I was in, I decided to finally let go, to leave it alone, to not think too much and see what will develop. Apart from the typos caused by my fingers not being able to keep up, this is all just a flow of the mind. I know it is crowded in there, despite the fact the sign implies there is “room for rent”. My occupants like to play tricks on me and those who might take a glimpse to my brain.

Funny things those renters of mine. I prefer to use that word rather than thinking this is a permanent situation. I do hope, that, at some point the other voices will take their leave and I can finally make decisions on my own. Whether that be writing or something else. Mostly it is writing though. When I do decide to let go, the writing is usually good, so I really shouldn’t be taking any credit. But someone once said, A good writer borrows, a great writer steals.

Oh, oh, I am stuck now, either the others went on a break or then they are all napping. I am actually wondering how familiar and TV-oriented this sounds. I do sound like a Borg drone from Star Trek, don’t I. “I can’t hear the others, I need the others to survive!” must be the most quoted line in the franchise when the Borg characters are in play.

But I digest, I mean digress ;P

Flow of mind or the lack there of. A while back I wrote a funny note on my mind having too many tabs open. Oddly enough, that was not fiction but fact. I do like to dabble more on the fiction than the fact side, never getting too personal, but I have a warm feeling inside of me. Guess I am safe as long as it doesn’t run down my legs! But so far so good.

So, back to fact or fiction, was that what I was talking about? No, it was the thing of too many things occupying the brain at one point, hence the tabs and open thing. OK, back on track. So yes. That actually has a link to the ever so talked about writer’s block. The only blockage I have or have had for the past fifty odd years is or was the fact that I do censor myself, a lot. I have so many ideas, causing my mind to overflow.

Currently, as I started my writing life for the third and hopefully charmed time, I will let myself write what ever I want, who ever I want and where ever I want. Sans all the self doubt, drama and excuses. Oh my! Now I am finally getting serious! I actually got a little serious there a day or so back when I poured my heart and thoughts to a few darker poems. I admit I use humour as a cover and rather than dwelling on real life issues, I crack a joke.

I freely admit to the following personality traits: I am sarcastic, pessimistic, I have a warped sense of humour, I am spontaneous yet conscious, I am lazy, but also industrious, at least when work is concerned, personal life not so much. So now you know. I like to hide but remain right in the open. I talk a lot, but say nothing.

Back to the topic again, (I seem to be loosing the track now constantly), what ever that was, I actually forgot at this point. Oh yes, free flow of the mind. So not a jogy, not a Vulcan, not logical, just your average everyday humanoid being. So that is my life story or sort of story. At least what I came up with today. I guess this is more than four hundred words. I don’t know how much of myself I have revealed in this little mind tale, but read between the lines or over the lines. Somewhere there, between, lies the truth