Shopping Mall Deer, Part Two, Going Cartoon

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“Win or lose,
we go shopping after the election”
Imelda Marcos

Shopping Mall Deer, Part Two, Going Cartoon

I am Eddy,
The shopping mall reindeer
A big plastic piece of work
This side of the hemisphere

So did this little tune
And ended in a cartoon
Watch me now,
And don’t confuse me with a cow
As I am starring
With all you shoppers sparring

I am Eddy,
The shopping mall reindeer
A big plastic piece of work
This side of the hemisphere


Reality? Who’s Brilliant Idea Was That? (TBT)

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Part Two of Serially Lost in Fiction


“Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth”  Ludwig Borne

Reality? Who’s Brilliant Idea Was That?

“You really need to pull it together and clean up your act!”

The words still echoing in my head from the intervention. The whole thing had made me extremely angry. But after my initial tantrum had subsided, I was willing to admit I had a problem.

So now, I needed a plan, but it was going to be hard. I had two choices, to gradually wean myself off of all that fiction and fantasy or go cold turkey. I estimated it would take around two to three weeks or so either way. I chose the latter option. I did not trust myself, suspecting the gradual way I would only make excuses and not read any less.

The options at hand would be then to:

a) Get rid of every single piece of technology or readable book.
b) Lock myself in an empty room at home.
c) Travel to a far away place, preferably a cottage in the middle of the forest somewhere without any creature comforts.

I chose plan c. It seemed the best option, since my family owned a cottage some hundred kilometers up north. There was no electricity, no running water, basically nothing but survival against the wilderness. Well, to be honest, the nearest shop was only five kilometres away, so not a god forsaken place after all.

Since the margin of me running off mid process, my family opted to drive me there and I would then have a bike to use for my trips to buy groceries. And that being my only option of transportation, it would be highly unlikely I would run off on a bike.

So it was agreed and I was on my way to the cottage in the woods with only my necessities.


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