Camping in style

“When camping, do it in style, camp style” Gun Roswell

Camping in style

When the bug hits you
It’s not so easy to refuse
When the great open wide beckons
It’s really the time to reckon
Whether to pack for a trip long
Or just a few days going strong
Camping can be cool in a van
But a trip on a bike
With just enough gear to hike
Beats the mundane bed
When sleeping on the ground instead
But the ultimate luxury
For a weekend trip on a hurry
Is a caravan from the beyond
Call it campy camping fun
But the looks received will secure the pun
In a seventies vehicle
Of a trip quite memorable

Mini in blue with a flag on top

“Ride a mini cooper, the tiny four wheel vehicle and you never go back to a Volkswagen, or, what ever kind of car” Gun Roswell

Mini in blue with a flag on top

A Union Jack flag, painted, on the very top of her head
Two white ‘go’ stripes, adorning, the hood ahead
Her headlights, big, bright and very shiny things, and yes, oh so metallic
As I continue listing all these qualities, I am getting so, so ecstatic
Darkest of blue, is the shiny coat she wears
Why don’t you, just take a peek inside, if you dare
(I know you want to, go ahead, it’s alright, she won’t bite, well, maybe, just a nibble!)
Lot’s of room, in this small, little gal is packed
Four seats, even ample storage, and a motor, in the back
She truly is, a complete package, of beauty and smart
This tiny, and little, old school mini cooper, is a totally and utterly, lovable car

Olden Days I four

”Everything was so much better in the good old days!” Gun Roswell

Olden Days

Telephone Call

“Phone home!
Phone home now!
Me T phone home right now!”

If that was a movie, it would most likely be boring
Sending all the audiences, to a deep state of snoring
But when, once again, the old bell rang
And answering the old school calling device
Turned out to be really nice
An experience from yester-year
Talking to the large receiver
Was a sensation so extreme
Only concentrating on talking
To the person on the other end, not stalking
Any facepaper, instamessage or twatter
Not even once able to read any chatter
Taking the time
Just to talking was no crime
And actually, getting to know
What the other person told
Smart phones can be cool
But for real live person to person phone calls,
Try once more to go old school!

Olden Days I three

”Everything was so much better in the good old days!” Gun Roswell

Olden Days

In Transit

On the narrowest of street car rails
Setting clear for forward to “sail”
The silent prayers, and fingers crossed, that nothing will fail
But feeling lucky to have found this transport
As it’s rarity compares only, to the finding of the holy grail
The old car shaky as it rests on so many crooked wheels
Still, this genuine, good old time feel
To me and my travelling companions on so many levels appeal

The loud creaky sounds, and then, the clickety clacks
Soon filling the insides of and bouncing off the tracks
But, there definitely will be no lack
Of excitement and adventure, nor looking back
As the forward momentum keeps us pushing
Most likely because there is no reverse, so let’s keep on rushing:

“So, onward, ever upwards and once more to the breach!”
(No, those were not the words to seek, this is a completely different franchise, an I advise to keep this a simple and straight forward piece!)
“Look out the windows,
First to your left, then to your right
As you can all see,
This really is the life!
An experience coming to you once
(if you have money, then twice or more)
So, enjoy the view, and, with your mouth closed chew
And when the car stops, please make sure to embark!”

Olden Days I two

”Everything was so much better in the good old days!” Gun Roswell

Olden Days


It may not be too chick
Even if it’s turning its other cheek
A cottage one could call rustic
Someone else would say quite busted
The wooden walls, soon to fall
Windows leaking, sometimes shrieking
Noises never heard
It inhabitants may disturb
But it’s always been in the family
So, giving it up, is not so easy

Maybe a new coat of paint
Will cover at least some of the stains
New doors and windows
Will prevent the wind blowing
At least indoors
The kitchen sink, which always stinks
Washing it up, may stop it
For a while at least
It all seems to be at peace
Until the next time then,
Something is breaking down!

Olden Days I one

”Everything was so much better in the good old days!” Gun Roswell

Olden Days

 Laundry Day

When airing, your clean or dirty laundry
Just make sure, to not show off anything tawdry
People, these days, are so easily offended
And then, you will only get arrested
Even if to all your mistakes and faults you confessed
And told them all, it wasn’t even your dress there

So now, trying to explain your way out of this big mess
As the old school clothes seemed to be so filled with holes, no less

“But they were just fine a minute ago, or maybe it was ten years, I really don’t know,
Tell me why I should perfectly good garment away throw,
Even with big, see through holes,
They really keep me nice and cool, when the wind blows”

The argument for and against may have taken too long
In the end, the end results for either side were none too strong

Today, once again, is laundry day
My raggedy old things, on the washing line sing
The same old broken song,
Even joining, is the odd thong

“We may be old and worn, but we will not be scorned
By anyone’s looks of long, as there is nothing with us wrong (not really)
And we will hold together, with a thinnest of tethers
Until we are discarded, and into carpets yarn
So, never mind us here, just look over there!”

A Seat at the Railway Museum for Seat Sunday

Posted in Seat Sunday

“A throne is only a bench covered with velvet”
Napoleon Bonaparte

 Seat at the Railway Museum

While doing historic exploration
Looking at the human creation
Ending up, on an old railway station
Abandoned, by a foolish nation
But built as a lasting location
A railway museum for the duration
Take a seat and join the celebration