Above, Below

“The shining moon high up in the sky, but just a crescent one at this time” Gun Roswell

Above, Below

The moon slowly emerged from behind
A soft and fluffy set of white clouds, shining
Ever so brightly, despite of mostly hiding
Its space battered round body, dividing
Thus from us seeing only the best part
For this night so very long and dark
So, following the brightly lit path
Would be the choice to be made so smart
The street light may be turned on
But their light is not so very strong
The only way to make it across
Is to trust the moon light, our nightly boss

Sunset with Moon rise

“The sun and the moon, keep on the ballet of the cosmos” Gun Roswell

Sunset with Moon rise

Fading, into the darkening skies
Skies changing from blue to dark
Dark descending after the sun has gone
Gone but for none too long
Long as it takes for the moon
Moon appearing from behind the shadow
Shadow of the brightly burning sun
Sun now setting, setting to the horizon
Horizon where it will be rising
Rising when the turn is given
Given by the cosmos
Cosmos owning the suns, moons and stars
Stars soon appearing
Appearing after the moon rise
Rise for the nightly skies
Skies filled with light always

Moon, Moon, where art thou Moon? (FAV FOTO FRIDAY)

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“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art” Ansel Adams

moon 1

Moon, Moon, where art thou Moon?

Moon, moon
Where art thou moon?
Come out from your hiding
On the nightly path guiding
Before off the trail
I go slipping and sliding

Copper Moon (TBT)

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“And Fall, with her yeller harvest moon and the hills growin’ brown and golden under a sinkin’ sun” Roy Bean

Copper Moon

The copper shaded moon
Has reached its full bloom
Rusty and round
The night ground
If you were looking for treasure
To be a person of leisure
Then this is
The wrong rainbow!