Secure Path

“A secured way to go, just take it slow” Gun Roswell

Secure Path

Completely covered from all sides
The path always narrow, never too wide
Walking ever upwards, towards the goal
But never in a hurry, always taking it slow

The path so secure there is no worries
Of slipping, sliding or even any enemies
But if outside of the borders daring to venture
Then most likely, you’ll be liable for a dent or two

When finally at the end
Take a long, long look back, on the time spent
On this path so secure
You can only, be sure
That nothing, in life, is as good or safe

It’s a Bees Life

“It looks so cool to be able to fly around all the time” Gun Roswell

It’s a Bees Life

It’s a fun way of life
Life, up in the skies
Skies, so blue it’s almost, untrue
Untrue, as I seem to be
Be, as I am a flying bee

From flower to flower I pop
Pop, and open up each lot
Lot, are there to choose from
From, each and every one
One, or more I drain from

Flying, buzzing, never stopping
Stopping, only for some shopping
Shopping, for the nectar I need
Need, as my queen I will feed
Feed, until she can no more eat

It’s a bees life
Life, without a strife
Strife as the humans see it
It, well, hey shit!
I might get stomped on!

Fly on the wall

“Just hanging, listening, observing, checking things out” Gun Roswell

Fly on the wall

I, am a small fly, sitting on the wall
Wall, which from I won’t totally fall
Fall, would be a terrible thing
Thing, as if I would be killed
Killed, to the very death!

I am but a fly on this wall
Wall, observing everything
Everything, and nothing
Nothing, as today’s such a bore
Bore, because I have no sugar!

Ah, sugar, the essence of life
Life, this tiny little fly’s treat
Treat, as in a sugary snack
Snack, as without it I would slack
Slack, well, yes, you know, lazy!

I basically don’t do much
Much, as humans consider such
Such, is the life of a fly
Fly, but now, I really have to fly
So, bye bye!

Spring cacophony I two

“So many colours out there, you go nuts!” Gun Roswell

Spring cacophony

Red popping forth

The red dominated the scene
Even left behind, was all the green
Fading into the black and white
As the red had finally got on its fight
Against the dreary and dull
With temperatures below the null
From now on nothing but strong colours
With lots of delightfully intoxicating odours
Spring has sprung
The world is feeling young
So, go out and enjoy the scenery
Which now exist in plenty
Guess it is really that time
When sitting outside
With a cool glass of wine
And no longer living in the phase of stun
But going out there, for some long awaited fun

Spring cacophony I one

“So many colours out there, you go nuts!” Gun Roswell

Spring cacophony

Up the tree tops

Look up at the tree tops
The buds have really popped
As nothing could have the spring stopped
And it finally topped
The cruel grey season
Lasting too long, almost like treason
By Mother Nature as only she can
Release all the growth from their wintry prison
But now the wait is over
And the colours are all over and everywhere
Dance around in the fields over there
And sing a song of spring in here

Some kind of Grass (3)

“The grass is always growing, no matter what” Gun Roswell

Some kind of GrassĀ 

Fenced in and out

The grass growing wild
In the nature open wide
Neighbour decided
It was time for the divided
Putting up a fence
To keep out the green grass
But, alas!
Big was his surprise
When he saw with his own eyes
The nature cannot be contained
No matter what kind of chains
You try to wrap around
The very ground
Everything grows
Because it knows
That person is a fool
And needs to be schooled
In the ways
Of all things nature