Super Women

“There are only super women in this world” Gun Roswell

Super Women

They come in all sizes
The super women of ages
Never stopping, always pushing
Always looking, ahead
Is the only written code
Taking care of others
Even if it sometimes
Themselves smothers
But they keep on
Going, going, strong
The super women
Of then, today, and tomorrow
There is plenty of sorrow
But sometimes smiles
Forgetting the vile
Breaking the glass ceiling
Others with the reeling
The sisterhood strong
Nothing with that wrong
With or without special powers
They erects invisible towers
The super women
My heroes
Your heroes
The only and true heroes

Chaos Theory | lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

I just completed a mixed media assemblage titled “Chaos Theory,” but living up to its name, I forgot to photograph it before I took it to the gallery.  In lieu of it, please click on the first photo to enlarge and read the story of all of these other examples of chaos! Since the retablo I…

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Just, a few bricks

“Do you want to be another brick on the wall, or maybe, even on the floor?”
Gun Roswell

Just, a few bricks

When they laid down the bricks
And added some mortar in between
They did not realize the slick
Particle slipping just there unseen
Once the wall grew taller
The particle fitted in, smaller

But as the years went by
One by one on, just like on the fly
The particle got a lot bigger
Until it could no longer stick there
Bursting out of it’s confined space
It made with a loud bang its way

Soon enough, rolling in the floor
Made of bricks, of course
But the participle, no longer small
Just let it self, casually out the door
Into the great wide world it ventured with a smile
To look for something more outside the life
Of the existence of just another brick on the wall

The Secret Island Getaway

“The secret cottage on an island, yes, my land, definitely (in my dreams at least!)” Gun Roswell

The Secret Island Getaway

When the world gets to much
And you are filled with such and such
You want to get away from it all
To a place hidden and very small
It may not look much
Alas, it was intended as such
A truly hidden place
Where time almost still stays
A getaway for only one
That is, maybe for some fun
There could be another added
But just for now at least
That place exist myself to please
And brains are left at the door
As soon as I stepped inside
And my foot falls on the floor
This is the secret of secrets
And there are never any regrets
Of coming here
Even if it is so very near
The hidden place in the shadows glum
Where only me and myself dare to slum
And if the sun would choose to shine
That is also very fine
This place of hidden is not defined
By weather, mood, even smiles

Bike Ride Day, Everyday

“Ride on a Sunday, ride on any day, just jump on your bike and ride away!” Gun Roswell

Bike Ride Day, Everyday

It doesn’t matter what time of the year
There is no weather bad enough to fear
When your trusted bike beckons for a ride
That is the time for you to hop on and smile

Ride, ride, ride, until such time you are tired
Ride to the store or the nearest seashore
Ride until there is no more feeling of bore
Ride, along the ends, ride along the time

And when you are done riding
Hang up your bike high up on the wall
Because you, are done hiding

Life, Island Style

“No one, is an island, they say, but I would sure want to be alone, on an island!” Gun Roswell

Life, Island Style

When life on the shores gets too much
Since all you want to do is huff
Nothing soothes you,
Not even your favourite stuff
You simply want to get out of touch
Even the seas all might and rough
Will not deter your solution of love
Love of the life on the Island

When the days are still long
You need to stay so strong
The only thing keeping you going
Are the thoughts and images slowing
Down the pressure always growing
But then you remember again
The love of the life of the Island

Once you get there
Out in the open square
The sea and salty air
Bringing you out of all that despair
Because this, is simply the place
Where you and the seagulls stay
Here, is the love, and, the Island
And this, this is my land

Happy Face!

“For today, I am wearing my happy face” Gun Roswell

Happy Face!

Today, is a good day
Today, I am in a good mood
Today, is not like yesterday
Today, I am wearing
My happy face

Today, I try so hard
Today, I am being smart
Today, I am carefree
Today, gladness only I feel
With my happy face

Today, I am not complaining
Today, I contemplating
Today, life is a solemn joy
Today, I will only try with
Me and my happy face

Today, I won’t say no
Today, I will take things slow
Today, I am the best I can
Today, and tomorrow, I will try to
Keep on, my happy face

Today, I made promises
Today, I will keep them
Today, I will change
Today, I am myself
And form now on
I will keep on, my happy face