Colours in Black and White

“See the world in monochromatic colours, all the greys you can imagine” Gun Roswell

Colours in Black and White

When the world gets much too bright
The colours so totally lush and vibrant
You only want to tone it down ever so slightly
And what remains,
Is all in total blacks and whites

But never forget those shady greys
Which all them scenerys may stain
But there is something gorgeous in the shadows
Where the monochromatic themselves allow
To be as colourful as they may

There is colour all around
From the skies to the lowest ground
They may all be all in black and white
But just the same,
They give you the chills and smiles

Grey in monochrome

“The feeling of totally calming greys, when the world seems too colorful, that is monochromatic!” Gun Roswell

Grey in monochrome

When the world seems to bright
The senses overwhelming with light
Colorful vistas everywhere where you look
Wishing to dangle off of this stimulating hook

Escaping into the architectural indoors
May turn out to be an even bigger chore
The internal and bright decors
From the highest ceilings to the lowest floors

Then a thought by some sort of surprise occurs
Maybe, these colours would somewhat less hurt
If toning them down in to the very basic of things
Yes, that really could work and cause a spin

Around for some hundred and eighty degrees
Turning down the volume of all the things seen
To a nice and soothing less freaking up scale
As the monochromatic then lifts up its gorgeous vail

Ah, this is so much better with lesser pain
As schemes with only certain elements tickles the brain
Colours are always nice and dandy
But sometimes the fewer shades, fading to greys, are more handy

Raindrops on Petals

“Gorgeous and complete balls of drops of rain fall” Gun Roswell

Raindrops on Petals

A delicate little thing
Was holding onto the bling
A gorgeous tiny and round
Lucent ball which it found
Falling down from the heavens
As they opened up at eleven
When a flush of rain
Flushed away the stains
Off the delicate petals
Of the flowery vessels
Like pieces of fine jewellery
Adorning with illusory
For the onlooker odd
Might seem a bit off
Eventually the drops will fade
As the rain sometimes fails
And sunshine takes its place
But the combination
Of rain and sunshine
Will keep the flower’s petals
Completely divine

Monochromatic Ride

“Riding on the monochromatic streets, on these, two wheels” Gun Roswell

Monochromatic Ride

On a highly tuned, yet very vintage looking bike,
Down the lonely, colourless, black and white streets, I ride
The cold winds, on my battered, wrinkled old face,
But that’s no matter, ’cause I am certainly not, *that* stained
And I definitely not, a person, whom in just, the one place stays
Not at least, for that long
Even if there would be, any sense of “to belong”
As I slowly, and intently, pass by the onlookers, they are watching me ride
And yes, that is really just so fine
For I am really not got nothing to hide
But heck, I may even break up in a big smile