Motorbike and the Rain

“There is nothing to riding in the rain, even if barefoot” Gun Roswell

Motorbike and the Rain

When it rains, it may pour
Your mind and mentality, dropping to the floor
All them puddles just waiting
So, why the hell are you hesitating?

Just jump on that good old moped
Get out there, even if soaking
Ride like a kid you once were
Through the soaking rain without care

Soon the fun will come to a halt
If a flash of light will give you a jolt
But take the advantage
Of that free power charge

Keep on riding in the rain
Even if you feel a little pain
It’s just the asphalt under your soles
Because you dared to bare your soul

Scooter Sunday

“Drive a scooter a day, to keep the doctor away?” Gun Roswell

Scooter Sunday

When the calendar page turns to a Sunday
That indicates the one and only fun day
When it’s time to dust off the old two wheeler drive
Give it some TLC, a shiny new appearance and a smile
Then hit the non too busy side streets
And let your hair flow in the calming breeze
The Sunday leisure cruise is about to begin
When you hit that first note and start to sing
Riding a scooter on this day is so much fun
So what if nothing else really gets done!

Trying on a Ride

“Too many vehicles, too many choices” Gun Roswell

Trying on a Ride

When the itcing to take a long ride
Takes on, but then it’s so hard to decide
Which option, would be the absolute best
Better just pick up one, really quickly, and forget the rest

Heading to the crowded streets
This really never is, what I seek
The open roads, the sun on my back
That is the image, which is painted on my back

Steering clear of the city limits
I know, it took a few and some more, of them gimmicks
But soon enough the highway is in sight
And my poor little scooter, is finally taking flight!

Monochromatic Ride

“Riding on the monochromatic streets, on these, two wheels” Gun Roswell

Monochromatic Ride

On a highly tuned, yet very vintage looking bike,
Down the lonely, colourless, black and white streets, I ride
The cold winds, on my battered, wrinkled old face,
But that’s no matter, ’cause I am certainly not, *that* stained
And I definitely not, a person, whom in just, the one place stays
Not at least, for that long
Even if there would be, any sense of “to belong”
As I slowly, and intently, pass by the onlookers, they are watching me ride
And yes, that is really just so fine
For I am really not got nothing to hide
But heck, I may even break up in a big smile

Two to four wheels at the time

“Rides of another land, can be different from what you are used to” Gun Roswell

Two to four wheels at the time

When roaming around the roads of a different land
Sometimes you want to try something else than to stand
On your two legs, strolling around might be a lot of fun
Or then too damned exhausting under the scorching sun
So why settle for tears and lots and lots of running sweat
Why don’t you try a different approach instead?
And hop on a ride with two or four wheels and let
These manual and motorized vehicles of plenty
Are simple and easy to be selected
Just walk into any of the road side rentals
Try and pick up the most suited pedals

Then follow these few steps
And you are for a day set:

Fill up the tank
Don’t forget your thanks
And like in the cliché movie done
Ride towards the setting sun
Like I said, this can be a lot of fun!