“We are in a starring role this season” Gun Roswell


A bunch of us, here together
Are coming out, in this gorgeous weather
We are the stars of this show
And when we are done, we take a bow
But until such time that our existence is over
We are part of the show which will be talked after
Our shining beauty and our excellent performance
Will make everyone wonder, how we are able to balance
Taking over the gardens and fields is a challenge
But we got lots and lots of talent
We do out bit and we do it with pride
And win any doubting Thomas to our side
Even after we are long gone with the wind
Most of our audiences will our praises sing
But don’t worry, come next season
We’ll be here again, to give everyone some action

Going, going, going… Gone!

“You won’t miss it, until it’s gone, and then, you may end up crying” Gun Roswell

Going, going, going… Gone!

A sunrise, a scented flower, or even, a pretty face
Here today, but, suddenly gone, without one single trace
You try to look for it, in all the familiar places
But alas, there is nothing left, no image, no smell, even the shadows have disappeared
Everything vanished, completely wiped out, nothing left, but an empty space

What happened? You may think
As it takes such a long time for the realization to sink
When did I see it?
It was just there a moment ago, I remember it quite clearly,
It was just there, just yesterday, or was it a year ago, maybe even ten?
What the hell happened?
Am I remembering correctly, or was it all a false memory,
Maybe an illusion, some kind of self-made delusion?
Where did the time go?

It’s all just temporary, like a juicy bit strawberry
Only good for one day, then it will slowly start to decay
Leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth
Thinking what the hell was I really thinking about
I was trying to cherish the redness of it all
Trying my devouring, my tasting to stall
But now it is almost gone
So, where oh where did I go wrong?

Use it, eat it, visit it, live it, contact them
As everything in existence, they only remain for an instant
Then under the hammer they all will go
Going once, going twice, going three times, and then, gone!

Phases (2)

“Living through different phases” Gun Roswell


From round to crescent and back again

When observing the dark night skies
Watching, how the stars and planets align
You will notice one off thing up there
A shiny bright object, phasing from a slice to a sphere

But do not worry, as there is nothing to fear
Soon enough, the fullness will again appear
The moon, as they call it, will be as fit
As it ever can bee, for you see
It does not really disappear, but only goes to hiding
Waiting for you, to go and find it 😉

Phases (1)

“Living through different phases” Gun Roswell


From flowery to fluffy soft

Once in a full moon, these tiny white flowers come to bloom
But none too soon, they start to slowly swoon
Their petals transforming into something completely different
As the structure slowly vanishes, leaving behind a fluffy construct

So soft and delicate
But the form still quite accurate
As the wind starts to blow
The tiny things themselves detach
Then up in to the air they flow
Flying away, really slow

In the end, only a stem remains
Because nothing here forever stays
A reminder of the circle of life
But do not worry, there is no strife
It’s all the phases each and every living thing
Must endure, whether, fall, winter, summer or spring

Faces (2)

“So many faces, even ancient ones” Gun Roswell


Faces Forward and Sideways

Faces off the wall;
Fast forward, backward,
Even, to the side
Expressions may vary,
From grouchy, to content
And even
To a widest of smiles
The ancient figures
On the relief of yesteryear
Quite approachable
In the now and here
Take a leap back to history
And you may end up
With quite a unique story!

Faces (1)

“So many faces, even ancient ones” Gun Roswell


Boy Face

A face from the past, made to last
In bronze it was carved, by an artist starved
A boys image, preserved through the lineage

Displayed as a portrait from ancient times
For the onlooker, a jolt of historic vibes
A charioteer, who never had any fear
Always delivering, far, beyond and even near

In his own time, perhaps an unknown figure
Now, in the present times, celebrated with vigor
Thus owning his place in continued history

Mother’s Day Rose

“To all mothers in the world, a rose” Gun Roswell

Mother’s Day Rose

A day of celebration for most
That is why I have made this post
To convey all the wishes of best
To the mothers where ever they may nest

Life can be a bit of a bitch
But today, I hope you will pretty sit
Showered with love and devotion
At least sent a message with a notion:
Of caring so much
They wanted to be in touch
At least on this special day
But then again, it should be that everyday!

So here is my message for you all:
Love your mother, mom, mum, what ever you may her call
She won’t be around forever
So try to make this day for her that much better!