Building blocks

“Just like Lego’s, the modern houses are built” Gun Roswell

Building blocks

Sometimes, adding plenty of colours so bright
Sometimes, they just stick with plain black and white
Building blocks for modern homes, several stories in height
In just a few weeks time, the parts will be assembled
As soon as the trucks arrive, the workers start to rumble
The barren construction site, soon beginning to resemble
A place for people to live, for a short moment or even longer
A place to call home, with a family, or just alone
The work finally completed, the workers are now seated
Admiring their handy work, taking pride, even if it was just a while
And everything was done, from ready made blocks
Which the companies still have plenty of in stock
And soon enough, another neighborhood will be up
Similar but not quite, to this already built site

Summer’s seat

“In the tiny garden I sit, until there is snow on the ground” Gun Roswell

Summer’s seat

When the first rays of the summer’s sun appeared
I knew immediately, I could sprint outside without fear
The bright white light burning my retinas at first
But, then I picked up my old fashion shades from dirt
Left them forgotten, discarded under a pile of dust
All through the winter months, since darkness, was a must
Noted the greening and growing grass under my bare feet
The blue skies and the flowers, yeah, I am truly glad to see
Spotting the tiny seat in the corner of the garden so small
Where it had been sitting all along, under the piles of snow
I don’t care if it’s splintered and slightly dirty
As long as I can sit in it without feeling angry
Because today is the first the of the summer life starting
This great time, mostly without bad weather and plowing
So I will be sitting here, spinning all kinds of thoughts in my mind
Until the day that the sun sets for good and it is time
To turn back into the winters dark cave
And sleep, the deep sleep, before another summer saves

World Wide Wednesday : Fast boat, Slow life 

“Travel the world, see, everything!” Gun Roswell

World Wide Wednesday

Fast boat, Slow life 

On this island, filled with a lot of sun
The life, can easily turn to, too much fun
Fast boats, fast friends, fast food
Maybe, there is something else for you to do?


Walk to the seaside, in a really slow pace
Keep a look out for the natives, as they stay
Under the protective shades, at midday
Then only, when the sun sets
Like them, make your own way
To the sandy shores of the land
Dive into the cool blue liquid
And then, let the life stand still
As the summer ends, way too quickly

Summer expectations

“There is fantasy and then, there is the harsh reality” Gun Roswell

Summer expectations

Waking up to expectations of gorgeous weather in a beautiful place ahead
But the darkness must have been an omen, as what greeted me instead 
An non-coloured greyish scene, with no natural light, anywhere, to be seen

I blinked once, twice, three times, and then pinched myself, just to be sure of what I saw, this utter vile
In front of my sad eyes now laid, instead of all the fine I had just seen, while lying on the bottom of my soft bed

Enough! I finally said

Had it all really been, a good dream, or a figment of my vivid imagination, a total fantasy, I had seen?
Such marvelous things and places, making ones heart really go to the races
All the colours of the rainbow, hardly any winds there to blow, life going, gently, smoothly and, oh so slow

Closing the curtains, feeling a tad on the side of hurting
I decided to go back to my bed, continue dreaming, until this, season of dread
Was finally over

Turning off the bedside lamp, my eyes tight shut clamped
And then, I, was back, in the place, of eternal summer, I had before of dreamt

Open Sesame on Mundane Monday

I like to make the mundane fabulous whenever I can” Rufus Wainwright


Open Sesame

How well do you know your algebra?
It is as easy as one, two, three
Even before you can boot your PC
The carriage of comfort
Has lifted you upwards
Your destination dead ahead
Nothing more left to be said

The Coffee Monster

“The monster in me, before coffee, believe you me, you really do not, want to see” Gun Roswell

The Coffee Monster

In the early morning hours, the alarm went off, waking up, with a large yawn
It was that time of the day, too early to be frank, when it’s still not quite dawn
The darkness, lying heavy and so, are all the eye lids
At this point, when nothing yet works, all you want to do is quit
And then, the monster within, rearing it’s true and ugly nature
Everyone and everything, even the mirror image filled with hatred
Better steer clear of it, or else, some heavy duty shit
Will be thrown upon you, with words, carefully not chosen nor chewed

“Do not speak, do not question
Do not even try to give one single silent suggestion
For this, is the way of the coffee monster
And, as the feelings of evil getting stronger
Until the time of the daily doze
Please, do not, try, to oppose!”

Because, only when the calming liquid has done it’s job
And the changes are so visible, like the turning of a knob
The beast within finally sedated, only smiley faces remaining
You may approach, even join in the early morning session
Of having a cup (or few) of the now, sanctified blessing
But do not think for a moment, that the monster is gone
Because if, heaven for bid, the coffee would be lost, or somehow gone
The monster will return, and this time rest assure
That no one, not a single coffee less person, will be safe!

Fluffy summers day

“Fluffy are the clouds and so is the mood, on this, hot summers day” Gun Roswell

Fluffy summers day

Sitting. at the end, of a long pier
Looking. at the clouds, as they appear
Changing, their very shapes, as they slowly drift away

The waters surface calm and blue
Perfectly matching, the sky’s hue
Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin

Nothing moves, nothings stirs in this moment
It seems, as if the clock, has stopped, all movement
The birds and bees at flight, frozen in mid air

As I close my eyes, I still spy
The world around me, feelings of being free
On this warm and fluffy summers day