Lazy Chair

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“This is my spot!” Gun Roswell

Lazy Chair

To myself be fair
I am sitting in this lazy chair
Just because I feel i have earned it
After a day on work spent
It would be nice to lay around all day
But there is a house and food to pay
For now, enjoying the tiny lazy moments where I can
Dreaming under the cooling fan
Maybe some day
I can do what i may

Happy Birthday, Dame Angela!

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“Providing I can put one foot in front of the other, I will continue to act.”
Dame Angela Lansbury


Happy Birthday, Dame Angela!

Our Same of Dames
Surely, even the name explains
Angel, Angela
Dame Angela

You may be siting algebra
Or even the Magna Carta
Your voice a lullaby
Your presence divine

Live Long and Prosper
Dame Angela!