A Seat at the Railway Museum for Seat Sunday

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“A throne is only a bench covered with velvet”
Napoleon Bonaparte

 Seat at the Railway Museum

While doing historic exploration
Looking at the human creation
Ending up, on an old railway station
Abandoned, by a foolish nation
But built as a lasting location
A railway museum for the duration
Take a seat and join the celebration


Tails of the Black Cat part one

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“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”
― James Herriot

Tails of the Black Cat

A black cat
On the fence sat
No, not with a hat
Nor even, a rat
And none too fat

“Bring me some fish, stat”
To me she spat

“Oh won’t you look at that,
A feisty little thing of a cat!”
I said

Knowing full well,
I sooner should her have fed

She kept at me staring
With her nostrils flaring
I felt quite daring
Acting non-caring

Cautiously, approaching
With a bowl full of fish things
I could almost hear her sing
When seeing what I’d bring

Now the cat
Who was black
Who on the fence sat
Now nicely did act
And was ready,
For a quick chat


Polar Night in Freaky Friday

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“Could you like chill for a sec?”
Freaky Friday The Movie

Polar Night


“Darkness surrounds us.
There has been no spec of light for months, or possibly hours?
I am not really sure. All I know, is, that I have lost all track of time.”

In the darkness we lived for a long time. But then, “It” appeared.
A round object, in the darkest of skies. Super moon, they said. It will bring us light, they said.
Some speculated of another, possibly even more powerful, than the first one would exist.
Apparently, the objects did not appear at the same time, rather the other would disappear as the other’s time, was to shine. The more sceptic ones believed the tales to be told by fools, who had their heads in the clouds. The only thing proven to exist, was the darkness and its shroud.

But, for now, we could only hope the tales were true, as we go on without dark little lives.
And daring to hope, that maybe, some day, the tales told by fools, would bring us the jewels
of light.


The Blame Game

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“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise”
Sigmund Freud

The Blame Game

When you are a lying
On that sofa
Into a coma
Blaming everyone else
Except yourself

Your mother, your father
Even the family pet rather
Than copping-out
It was your self doubt
Accomplishments gone array
Just because of a high
To have and eat the cake
Soon turned out a fake

Excuses made
For each mistake
“It was not my quirk”
“The dog ate the homework”
“The weather was bad”
“The others made me feel sad”

Stop the blame game
Leave the shame
Look in the mirror
The picture getting clearer
Listen to the gong
Playing the same song
It was you
All along

Around the World in Black and White I six

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“I see that it is by no means useless to travel,
if a man wants to see something new”
Jules Verne

Around the World in Black and White

Enjoying the island life
Dancing to a flute or a fife
Whether a history buff
Or a hang loose beach bum
Rhodes is the place enough
To make you wanna hum

Around the World in Black and White I four

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“I see that it is by no means useless to travel,
if a man wants to see something new”
Jules Verne

Around the World in Black and White

In the rain forest of Brazil
You can feel the thrill
Sailing down the river Negro
Quite the incognito
Catch a glimpse of the dolphins
Can rise the endorphins