Winding Road

“Like the little red riding hood, I am going through the woods” Gun Roswell

Winding Road

The forest so thick I can hardly see the trees
But never mind, I can, hop skip and squeeze
My way through the thick layer of greens
Until I find my way back, and the ever winding road I see
It’s not too far I don’t mind, as I’m making good time
This place filled with lush green and other critters
Is surprisingly calming, even friendly, without too many jitters
With a hop and a skip, I over the narrow creek leap
Then in the distance, something shining a blue
I think do I dare or would I be a complete fool
But the adventurer wins and so with a song I sing
I start towards the patch of water in the distance
Hoping maybe, it’s a lake or similar and then in an instance
I am there and find, the rarest beach of any kind
Immediately kicking off my shoe and in goes the toe
The liquid so cool and refreshing I am soon undressing
Taking a dip in the soothing lake, before an observation I make
The road ever winding, I have already been finding
As the staring point is right at this very shore
Knowing my way back is secure, I take another round in the water, just to be sure
It’s refreshing alright and soon again, I am on my way, despite
Leaving behind this great place I have come to appreciate
But swearing I’ll be back here, for an other run of this place called nature

World Wide Wednesday : Sunrise is Around 

“Travel the world, see, everything!” Gun Roswell

World Wide Wednesday

Sunrise is Around 

In the early morning hours
After waking up and taking a shower
I am walking to the beach
Where, at this hour, no one else is at reach
Taking a preferred seat
On the large bolder, a perfect holder
Then, waiting for a moment longer
My eyes slowly adverting towards the corner
Where a faint spot of light appears
Over there, at the calm sea, but somehow, in the stratosphere
I watch the tiny speck of light
Turning into a most precious sight
Reds, yellows turning into white
As the spectacle of a gorgeous sunrise
I have finally witnessed

Cottage in three

“Summer fun in so many cottages, it’s getting to a point of annoying really! ” Gun Roswell

Cottage in three

Red, yellow, any other colour, or maybe even painted black
The choices for living, really do not lack
Going around and around, never once looking back
As one, after the other, is so much better, than the last
But, for only one week at the time
Spending, my vacation, nearly, on a dime
Even the weather, is ever so fine

And I surely have no complaints, of all these cottages, oh so divine
Juggling amongst these places, some near, some far
Luckily my rucksack is not weighing, so need for a car
Summer still well spent, even if it wasn’t exactly like I had dreamt
But the experience given me so much more
I can go back to the daily grind without immediately being bored
After all, adventure is part of human nature, with or without fear
And this year, I certainly got plenty for the rest of the year

Mundane Monday in red

“Mundane Mondays are the best” Gun Roswell

Mundane Monday in red

When the mundane Monday raises its grey and dull head
Why not sprinkle some fun and colour up in the air instead
Maybe put some deep red on an old house
Otherwise sticking out like a sire louse

Even paint the barn door
In the colour most of us adore
And when completed all them upgraded and some leftover paint remains
Head on, to the garden and slap on a coat of smarting
Onto, the tiny windmill, always giving the chill, even warning
When the wind blows or then if it sometimes storms
So, now, definitely going strong
Simply because, red, has the perk on
This mundane Monday, not any more glum
But really starting to be fun!

Secret Door

“What secrets lie behind door number seven?” Gun Roswell

Secret Door

Ever so slowly
The door opens,
Still, sneaking in
The open crack
Not once
Looking back
The odds
Against me stacked
But enthusiasm
I do not lack
Walking through
One step
At the time
For now
I am feelinga
Just fine
This place beyond
Will be mine
Breath hitches
As I am finally
My way through
Is the beat
Of my very heart
I know now
I should have
Played it smart
But it’s too late
No more do I hesitate
I am finally here
Through the doorway
Through the looking glass
I have
Now passed
And it could not
Be better!

ON THIS DAY: August 17, 2019 from Flowers For Socrates (repost)

August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day * I Love My Feet Day * National Non-Profit Day * National Thrift Shop Day Vanilla Custard Day ______________________________________ MORE! Fredrika Bremer, Marcus Garvey and Pauline Young, click

via ON THIS DAY: August 17, 2019 — Flowers For Socrates

A cat litter

“A cat in the bag? Better to have a litter in the box!” Gun Roswell

A cat litter

Dear cat,

What beauty and grace you posses
How god like is your essence
Basking, in the bright light, your very existence


When the can opener is a rumbling
You come along, a tumbling
Knocking down all the nick-nacks
Pushing aside all them obstacles
Grace and beauty far gone behind
When come along galloping, the carpets entwined
Looking more and more
Like an old race horse on drugs
Or a drunken person running amok
Rather than any of my gods

And then, when there are more of you
Than just, well, one or a few
The household, is left in a total and utter mess
But, there is one thing, I must confess
I love you all, and want you here forever to stay
As I would not have things any other way!

Yours truly,
Hooman, keeper of the cats