Motorbike and the Rain

“There is nothing to riding in the rain, even if barefoot” Gun Roswell

Motorbike and the Rain

When it rains, it may pour
Your mind and mentality, dropping to the floor
All them puddles just waiting
So, why the hell are you hesitating?

Just jump on that good old moped
Get out there, even if soaking
Ride like a kid you once were
Through the soaking rain without care

Soon the fun will come to a halt
If a flash of light will give you a jolt
But take the advantage
Of that free power charge

Keep on riding in the rain
Even if you feel a little pain
It’s just the asphalt under your soles
Because you dared to bare your soul

Camping in style

“When camping, do it in style, camp style” Gun Roswell

Camping in style

When the bug hits you
It’s not so easy to refuse
When the great open wide beckons
It’s really the time to reckon
Whether to pack for a trip long
Or just a few days going strong
Camping can be cool in a van
But a trip on a bike
With just enough gear to hike
Beats the mundane bed
When sleeping on the ground instead
But the ultimate luxury
For a weekend trip on a hurry
Is a caravan from the beyond
Call it campy camping fun
But the looks received will secure the pun
In a seventies vehicle
Of a trip quite memorable

Colours in Black and White

“See the world in monochromatic colours, all the greys you can imagine” Gun Roswell

Colours in Black and White

When the world gets much too bright
The colours so totally lush and vibrant
You only want to tone it down ever so slightly
And what remains,
Is all in total blacks and whites

But never forget those shady greys
Which all them scenerys may stain
But there is something gorgeous in the shadows
Where the monochromatic themselves allow
To be as colourful as they may

There is colour all around
From the skies to the lowest ground
They may all be all in black and white
But just the same,
They give you the chills and smiles

Happy 98th Birthday Betty White! — Let’s Go To The Movies

That’s right the last living Golden Girl is 98 years young today! Betty White still working to this day is an absolute legend, The Golden Girls is one of my all time favourite tv shows and I just had to post to wish Betty White a very Happy Birthday!

via Happy 98th Birthday Betty White! — Let’s Go To The Movies

Harbour living

“Harbour life, don’t think twice, just come on down, it’s really very nice” Gun Roswell

Harbour living

Rent or buy a small boat
Just make sure it will on the surface float
Then adjust and decorate the tiny cabin
Never mind the little things lacking
Take the vessel out to the wide open sea
All and everything try to see
And when the day has come to an end
Head the boat to the harbour again
The evening with new friends then spend
And when it’s time, lay yourself in the cabin to some good rest
Before the new morning beckons on an other adventure again

Gate Keeper

“There is always someone on the lookout, at the gate, a guard of sorts” Gun Roswell

Gate Keeper

The always vigilant one
At the gate keeps having fun
At least to them selves
After checking out each and everyone
Which there dare to delve

But it can also be lonely there
Where, there is no other time to spare
Except keep watching all the time
Not even the late evening chime
Will make the gate keeper leave their scene of crime

Alas sometimes, there are advantages
When nice passersby bring them cartridges
Filled with the finest of whines and food
All the gate keeper must do
Is to sit down, take a slack back and enjoy

After all, there might be things to lose
But then again, sometimes, the battles, you just choose
Taking time off from the duties so serious
Is a must or then one could go quite delirious?

Above, Below

“The shining moon high up in the sky, but just a crescent one at this time” Gun Roswell

Above, Below

The moon slowly emerged from behind
A soft and fluffy set of white clouds, shining
Ever so brightly, despite of mostly hiding
Its space battered round body, dividing
Thus from us seeing only the best part
For this night so very long and dark
So, following the brightly lit path
Would be the choice to be made so smart
The street light may be turned on
But their light is not so very strong
The only way to make it across
Is to trust the moon light, our nightly boss