Some kind of art

“There is art and there is art and then, there is something else” Gun Roswell

Some kind of art

The stacked and colour filled objects
Adorning the shelves with so many toppings
Artwork or mundane things for grabs?
That is, surely, for the onlooker to assess

Magically appearing and disappearing
The selection never the same, but alluring
Things made for the sake or art?
Or just for the sake of the outlook, so very smart

Stuff made from metal, glass or plastic
Containing something to drink or eat
The cover maybe more desirable than the content
But buying is as easy as it is tempting

Street Side

“Narrow or wide, streets, they’re just fine” Gun Roswell

Street Side

Stepping into the narrowest of streets
Looking for something new and totally sleek
Never mind the fancy and big shopping malls
For now, I am in search for a specific goal

It may be a thing or two
Or then, just an experience or few
A present to take with me back home
Or a cup of coffee in the cafe small

The adventure in it self is the price
Because these quaint streets are so damned nice
I could spend days on end exploring
And still would not find the task too boring

A seat to sit on

“I don’t generally like running.
I believe in training by rising gently up and down from the bench”
Satchel Paige

A seat to sit on

I was looking for
A bench to sit on
What I hoped to score
Something close to a lawn
To lay my tired self
On a softer shelf

Then I saw it
The bench, made of stone
When I tried to sit
I felt it to my bones
Too hard for a fit!

Moving forward
I found one, made of wood
Maybe it wasn’t hard
Rather suitably good
Too soft for a fit!

So once again
I had to complain
But I knew, the right seat
Was just in reach
I just had to seek

A little while longer
As I moved along
The feeling now stronger
I knew it wouldn’t be long
I was close to finding
As I saw the metal shining

I finally found it
A bench made of metal
For me to sit
Soft as a petal
A purr-fect fit

Freaky Friday presents: Skeletons in the closet

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton,
you may as well make it dance”
George Bernard Shaw

Skeletons in the Closet

I found some skeletons, deep in my closet
I don’t know how they got there, possibly it was a good idea as a deposit
Now, I know this house is old, drafty and has leaky faucets
Yes, and it has caused quite the dent in my wallet

But as you can probably surmise
And imagine my total surprise
When these bones from the past
Out from their hiding splashed

So now, I am sitting on the floor
Carefully watching the door
Hoping to get these bones ridden
To a place safe, secret, away hidden

Unfortunately, at this day and age, I don’t have a time portal
Which could aide me to turn back time and make all normal
Make past things right, to not to run away from the fights
But, now I can only try to hide, that which I once let slide

People in glass houses, should not throw bones
Keep off your microphones and telephones in your own homes
You can never be too sure or safe
So just remember to lock your secrets in a very safe place

Two to four wheels at the time

“Rides of another land, can be different from what you are used to” Gun Roswell

Two to four wheels at the time

When roaming around the roads of a different land
Sometimes you want to try something else than to stand
On your two legs, strolling around might be a lot of fun
Or then too damned exhausting under the scorching sun
So why settle for tears and lots and lots of running sweat
Why don’t you try a different approach instead?
And hop on a ride with two or four wheels and let
These manual and motorized vehicles of plenty
Are simple and easy to be selected
Just walk into any of the road side rentals
Try and pick up the most suited pedals

Then follow these few steps
And you are for a day set:

Fill up the tank
Don’t forget your thanks
And like in the cliché movie done
Ride towards the setting sun
Like I said, this can be a lot of fun!

Happy 94th Birthday Dame Angela Lansbury

“Better to be busy than to be busy worrying” Angela Lansbury

Happy 94th Birthday Dame Angela

Cannot hide
From those gorgeous blue eyes
When I finally spy
My favourite lady
Of the world of theatre
There is nothing shady
Of the dame so extraordinary
There really is no comparing
To any other talent about
Once her voice comes aloud
The magnificence filling the room
As all our viewers soon
Get our dose of her presence
Sharing in her essence
And what better gift
For a fan girl or boy to uplift
Spirits on this day
Of ninety fourth birthday

Live long and prosper Dame Angela!