Saturday, spent with Cats

“Cats are the best kind of pets, always” Gun Roswell

Saturday, spent with Cats

When the world outside
Gets to be too much of a stride
There is one thing on you can rely
The cats of the furry kind

They don’t really ask too much
Once in a while a simple touch
The food to be delivered to their cups
And later on to coddle as such

A day well spent indoors
Even if you ignored much of them chores
For other wise life would be a total bore
If it wasn’t for the cats you so much adore

Never, without my Coffee!

“Come into the dark side, we have, lots of different coffee”

Never, without my Coffee!

I freely, and out of guilt, admit it
I am, totally, and utterly, addicted
To the one finest organic suspension 
One of the human existences’ greatest inventions


If gets me up, in the too early morning
So read this, as a forewarning
To save yourself, from any kind of scorning
Do not, ever, get between me, and forever, my 


If you want your own day
To be completely inventive and stay
On top of the whole wide world
Life, ever so delightfully twirled


So do, take my advice
Don’t ever, think twice
Pour yourself, a big cup of java
It totally beats the hell out of guava


Your fellow human kind
Never, ever looked so fine
The world completely filled with love
If everyone, joined me, in a cup of


What else can I say?


Spring kind of weather, it really is!

“In the Spring,
I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours”
Mark Twain

Spring kind of weather, it really is!

The grass, looking oh so green
It is finally that time, the time of spring
All them colourful birds, do so loudly sing…

But, then,
Out of the total and unexpected blue
Bigger than life, some of them football size
Totally white and really cold snowballs
From the now greyed out open skies, start to fall


Well, you expected a change in the weather
And, this, this is certainly spring kind of weather!

One cat, two cats, three cats

“Thar be cats here!” Gun Roswell

One cat, two cats, three cats

At first, one solemn cat appeared
Then another joined it on the pier
Then a third one from somewhere
Came along side the two dears
Turning my head along the beach
I thought that the total number had reached
But as I turned back to take a look
Something really inside me shock
The litter had grown to a number so high
I thought it was about to take flight
The cats had come out en masse
And it wasn’t any kind of religious mass
As they all started to meow
It would have scared the farmers cow
The noises raining everywhere so loudly
As the felines were singing proudly
Then an instant it all stopped
And before anyone realized
All them cats, were gone

Eerie on a Friday

“Friday’s are inheritable freaky, aren’t they? Hence the term, Freaky Friday, because you’ll never know, what kinks the weekend may bring…” Gun Roswell’

Eerie on a Friday

The early hours of the morning
Came, with a dire warning
The powers that be, were none too happy
And sending down, weather oh so crappy
Which was their way of utter kind of revenge
On to the lowly populous down on the ground now clenched
There was no sunshine to be seen
Alas also, no stormy clouds, on the skies kind of pristine
Only an eerie, soggy, all compassing shroud
Could be felt, across the people, the land, and all around
The visibility next to none
The kids, gloomy, loosing their fun
What kind of living could this be
Since there was nothing or no one to be seen
Yielding to their horrific fate
The dwellers down below resorted to prays
Trying their all to sooth down the tall
For several long hours of wait
The gods above, started to hesitate
Maybe then had been way to harsh
For the people living on the soggy marsh
Waving their hands of power
The fog, the mist, the eerie, was soon devoured
By a low glowing ball like thing
The light, which softly stated to sing
The surroundings soon starting to change
Into something more pleasant with less pain
The people below now thanking the gods above

A lesson with great price learnt
As the message “Never again, take you weather gods for granted”, was sent

Need a Haircut

“The bangs are too long, when they stop only at your nose, then it’s time for a trim” Gun Roswell

Need a Haircut

When the hair just keeps on growing
And it is, way past that time of showing
Soon enough, some scissors need to be into the mix throwing
Certainly, will not be as easy, as lawn mowing

But if you really want a trim of the layers of multiple hair
Then better yourself adventure to some hair specific fare
Where the barbers will there be plenty of
Choosing should be easy without much of a scoff

Finally loosing all that winter filled hair wool
The feeling of lightness will totally and utterly fool you
As the hair so heavy, is all but a memory forgotten
With a new spring in your step, towards the summer you’ll be hopping

Winter Shadows

“The spring sun, came out for some fun and brought up, tall shadows” Gun Roswell

Winter Shadows

As the spring time approaches
It’s time to dim down the torches
The sun getting so high
Up in the bright blue sky
It is so unusual and unexpected
Almost as if everyone somehow neglected
Is the brightness and lightness of it all
Because ever since the time of fall
Darkness was all these creatures would know
But now, as the warmth and sunshine descends
Over the land, minds and souls start to reflect
All those happy thoughts one could do
When the nature and mankind alike
Start their journey out of the blue
Stepping into the now blinding light
Shedding their winter gear just out of spite
For, spring, followed by summer
Can never be, a total down letting bummer