Happy Birthday to Dame Judi Dench

“Dame Judi Dench, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Judi Dench,,, “

Happy Birthday to Dame Judi Dench

I’m not getting old, I am getting better

I am becoming a classic

Like the fine wine
For a special occasion to dine
Like the little red Corvette
You always wanted as a pet

I am
much better
more wiser
and even smarter
Than ever

Extraordinary woman
Exemplary human
Remarkable personality
Striking beauty

If you challenge me
I will compete with thee
Reach the finish line
Before you have the time
To Say
Wait for me!

Many things I have accomplished
Some of them without compliments
Many more still to come
Before I am done

What’s up next
You ask
Without being hexed
I would like the task
Ruler of the World naturally to follow
But not today,
Maybe tomorrow

Happy 94th Birthday Dame Angela Lansbury

“Better to be busy than to be busy worrying” Angela Lansbury

Happy 94th Birthday Dame Angela

Cannot hide
From those gorgeous blue eyes
When I finally spy
My favourite lady
Of the world of theatre
There is nothing shady
Of the dame so extraordinary
There really is no comparing
To any other talent about
Once her voice comes aloud
The magnificence filling the room
As all our viewers soon
Get our dose of her presence
Sharing in her essence
And what better gift
For a fan girl or boy to uplift
Spirits on this day
Of ninety fourth birthday

Live long and prosper Dame Angela!

Happy Star Trek Day!

"Live Long and Prosper" Spock, Star Trek


Happy Star Trek Day!

Call it campy or even quirky
Call it the wagon train in space
All the familiar cardboard sets
And the best written scripts
Sci-fi, entertainment and humanity
All at their very best in the same place
This is the most a TV show gets
Don’t tell me, you are not gripped

Watching re-runs
With your best chums
What could be more fun
Maybe sitting out in the sun?

But, we are Trekkers
Nerds, geeks and well, trekkers
Looking up to the stars
Daring to go very far
Well, at least, in our imagination
During the syndication
With our favourite television show
To which much we owe

Live Long and Prosper, Star Trek!

Happy Birthday, Dame Helen!

“You can’t control how other people see you or think of you. But you have to be comfortable with that “Helen Mirren

Happy Birthday, Dame Helen!

The star of everything that matters
Stating this not just for the sake of flatters
The Queen, the Chief Inspector, a tart
Playing them all with very much smart

She is definitely not a prude
When prancing in the nude
Not afraid to speak her mind
Even if it meant to be a little unkind

A naughty word here and there
To make her point, if you weren’t clear
Pure perfection of talent and beauty
Always with the sense of duty

A rose by any other name
Let’s all hail our Dame!

Legendary, Happy Birthday Kate Mulgrew!

I think people think I’m accessible. I’m never treated as a star, either by fans or other actors, and I like it like that. I don’t get the star treatment. I think that means I’m a good actor. They acknowledge me as a human being, and to me, that’s invaluable.”
— Kate Mulgrew


 A true legend
One could say iconic
Certainly much loved
Absolutely ageless

Puts the extra into ordinary
Special in so many ways
Remarkably skillful
Fantastic and most fabulous

Captivating every audience
Enchanting at the best of times
Fascinating by nature
Unforgettable, definitely that and so much more

 Happy birthday, Kate Mulgrew!

Happy Birthday to Mary McDonnell

“It’s really important for actors to feel that they’re more than something for hire” Mary McDonnell

Wuff wuff!

Extremely enjoyable
Highly magnificent
Superior and fashionable
Pragmatic, visionary
Sexy, yet elegant
Perfect with lingo
Captivating in every environment
Absolute favourite
Quite the wuff
For any species of a dog
To bark at