A seat in black and white I three

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“So many seats to choose from” Gun Roswell

A seat in black and white

A hard wooden seat
Can be a real treat
When lost in a land
You really don’t understand
It may be uncomfortable
But still very affordable
Sitting free
In the bushes under a tree
Or by the ocean
Under the cooling breeze

Cat of Saturday

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“Cats, the rulers of the world” Gun Roswell

Cat of Saturday

Sitting on a chair, this
Is my lair, I am the cat
In white hair, look at

Me now, and before me
Bow, I am the ruler of this
This seat and this street

Worship me, bring me food
And maybe if I feel like it
I will let you pet

Me, but not before its
Late, because I don’t want anyone seeing
Me being a pussy cat,

After all I have a
Reputation to maintain, and that cannot be
Stained by any hooman, ever

Apple invested

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“Invest in apples, they beat the crap out of doctors” Gun Roswell

Apple invested

I invested in a red apple
Eating it the very first day, then
I went and bought more

Now I have apple in
All formats imaginable, fresh, dried, sauce, jam
No, it’s really no scam

An apple a day, may
Keep some doctors away, but better than
That, they taste real great

Eat the nature’s divine gift
Eat it inside, outside or in the lift
You cannot go very wrong

Alien world

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“Let’s see what lies beyond the final frontier” Gun Roswell

Alien world

Stepping inside the image, of
An alien world, at least to me
The colour palette, like something

From a child’s colouring book
Leaving the real world behind, entering whit
An open mind, never looking

Back, there is no return
Once the door closes, but I am
Determined to spend my life

Exploring this wondrous and dangerous
World, on my own, maybe meeting with
Some natives, who really knows