Sunset Ride

“Sunset, sea and horses” Gun Roswell

Sunset Ride

A slow ride, on the soft sand
When the sun, is about to descend
Nothing but silence, surrounding
The nature clear and grounding

My stead, moving along
It’s stride, quite strong
Just me, by myself, alone
On this nightly journey, so long

To sun has finally set
And into the nightly sky, the moon let
It’s thin light still so bright
On this journey it just might
Stay all of the night


“Narrow are the paths we travel” Gun Roswell


The narrowest of streets I walk
No one here trying me to stalk
Only an alley cat at me will gawk

As I keep on going, fastening my pace
Looking forward to that new place
Because, for me, it’s always the chase
For something new and exiting
Something pleasant and inviting
For my mind and body, enticing

But what ever I find at the end
I know I wont long there spend
Because I know I usually tend
To leave, before the good things start

Once in Winter

“OK, but only this, one time!” Gun Roswell

Once in Winter

It only happens, once
Not twice, three times, but, once
Once, in this time, of winter

Packing them out from the closet
Waiting, non too eagerly for the next step
Putting those damned things on

Struggling with the boot
It seems, my socks, too many I did choose
Taking some off, shoe fits like a glove

Stepping outside
Into the snow inviting, snide!
A pair of wooden planks with two sticks await me

Securing all them hundred latches
Now, I need some tracks to catch
And off swooshing like a true Finn I finally am

Yes, I can, but still, this is not fun
Pardon the intended pun
Skiing is a pain, especially up the hill

Feeling the thrill though on my skin
When going fast down the hill
And after a few more strokes, I am finally done!

The once in a winter thing, accomplished
Now back inside to reward myself
With a hot beverage, with some alcohol, hopefully
This weather made me feel quite dully


“Images can be so easily distorted” Gun Roswell


Images, just like memories, often get distorted
Not because of malice or even if you wanted it
It just happens in the deepest of minds tiny nooks
Things and people, past and future all looked
Through a looking glass of sorts
Which can be causing all the distort

But never mind if it gets that way
Next time you look, in a different place it may
Ending up with new pieces of the same play
And that is the best kind of art work on your own private display

Star Trek – Wars

“Resistance is futile” The Borg


Star Trek Wars

We had finally arrived at the annual Star Trek convention. Our little gang of geeks, all dressed up in their favourite character’s uniforms. Myself as Mr Spock of course, the half human, half Vulcan science officer from the original Star Trek show.

Some of us had been eagerly been awaiting to hit the shopping booths to find new collectibles for their already vast collections. We were scanning the area for familiar faces and hoping to hook up with some of our friends while here.

“Don’t venture too far!” I ordered the others, “The panel is about to begin in two hours and we want front row seats!” I shouted after my team who had already made their ways around the surrounding shopping area.

The one portraying the Captain’s character was far too reckless, not to mention air headed, to lead anyone, let alone herself. So for now, despite the fact of being the first officer in rank, the dubious task of leadership of this ragtag crew had fallen onto me.

I noticed some of our friends a little further and waved at them. They were dressed as Klingons and during the conventions, they were always in full character, speaking nothing but Klingon. Luckily I had mastered the language myself. Let’s just say the conversation with them was, interesting, at best.


It was nearly time for the first panel of the day, guest starring one of my favourite actors, William Shatner. Due to my diligence, we had managed to get the front row seats and were now eagerly awaiting for the mighty Shatner to arrive. My crew and I had a few questions for him and if luck would serve us, we would get the opportunity to present them for him.

“Oh. My. God!” ‘Uhura’ was over excited when she joined us finally.

“What?” I asked her.

“You will never guess what I just heard at the juice bar?” She continued.

“Spit it out already!” I was getting anxious.

“Well, the word out there is, that there is a heard of Star Wars fans dressed in Stormtroopers uniforms coming to the convention.” Uhura told us.

“This convention? Our convention? The STAR TREK convention?!” For a Vulcan, my pitch was overly high and my emotions up the roof.

“Yeah and they are led by none other than Darth Vader himself!” She added knowingly.

“When is this supposed to happen?” I asked her, hoping she had better intel than just rumours or gossip.

“Not sure, but I heard this from a reliable source!” She ensured me.

“I need details people! Go and get some proper intel, we still have thirty minutes to go!” I was ordering my crew, who were looking at me like I had lost it, but did as I told them anyway.

After they had left I sat down in defeat and said to myself, “I cannot work like this!” holding my head in my hands feeling a massive migraine coming on.

A little later they returned and confirmed what Uhura had told earlier. The general consensus was, that a group of Star Wars fans were about to invade the convention, but as to when was still uncertain.
We all agreed to keep our eyes and ears open. But for now, concentrate on more urgent matters, such as the panel led by William Shatner.


Some fifteen minutes into the panel, where the boring questions were done with, the fans were gearing up for more interesting topics and our turn was coming up soon, it happened.

A character dressed in a black uniform, complete with a cape and helmet and accompanied by roughly twenty odd people dressed in all white plastic uniforms, charged in front.

“Vader!” I stood up from my seat and pounced to the direction where the perpetrators had made their stance.

“Die Trekkies, die!” Darth Vader breathed through his mask and was ready to charge.

“We prefer Trekkers!” I shouted as I charged towards the enemy with full force, my crew not far behind and the other conventionalists joining.

“What ever!” Vader shouted back.

A wrestling match of sorts started, each side showing and pushing each other.

One of the troopers had charged to the stage and managed to bump into Mr Shatner, before he had been able to escape the competitive fan uprising. Our crew was the first to respond to the distress and our resident crew member, the Doctor reached Mr Shatner first. Shatner was laying on the floor, holding his head. The Doctor checked his pulse, then looked at us and back at Shatner again and said:

“You’re dead Jim!”

Mr Shatner looked at him and rolled his eyes: “Right!” Was all he told the smirking ‘Doctor’.

“Are you alright Mr Shatner?” I asked concerned.

“I will be, as soon as I get out from this,” He was waving towards the crowd, “Madness!”

After helping Shatner up and guiding him towards the exit, I and the Doctor joined the rest of our crew, returning to the battle field.

Today is a good day to die!” One of the troopers shouted.

“Hey, that line is from our franchise!” The Doctor from our group responded.

“Yeah! Get your own lines!” Another Trekker added.

And with our faux phasers and light sabers, the Trekkers and the Star Wars fans continued their age long battle, to the proverbial death!


Later, sitting confined in one of the empty conference halls, after getting arrested, the bulk of the fans on either side, some three hundred of us in total. No one was saying much. I was also regretting loosing myself and my Vulcan ways engaging in battle rather than trying to solve the issue with logic and peaceful negotiation.

Guess the lesson learnt here is, no matter the franchise or belief, there is always room for all kinds of fandoms and each of us should respect each others’ choices.

trek wars


“Illuminating the path in the darkness, lights of vary” Gun Roswell


When the darkness descends
Do not worry, you don’t have to spend
Your time in total blackness
Just wait a short moment
And try to hold strong

Now, look up!
There, in the far distance!
Now, you see!


The many lights are turning on
The nightly streets, filled with life and laughter
The place is none the mad place
You were afraid to enter
But aren’t you glad, you went there