Early Winter Morning

“Just before anyone else rise, just before, the day break, total silence, total calm, nothing moves, nothing drops, not even the pin” Gun Roswell

Early Winter Morning

The snow crisp from falling down from the heavens
The air clear, the ground untouched, the hour just before seven
Nothing and no one about, except one vigilant scout
Looking for that perfect score, to open up all waiting pores
For nothing else is as cleansing to the body and mind
Than experiencing this moment alone and early to unwind
From all them nightly fears and terrors just before dawn
And, in the here and now, it is really easy, just before, the moment, is gone

Traffic, Jammed

“Lots of traffic! – Can we make it in time?” Gun Roswell

Traffic, Jammed

Vehicles of all kinds
A parking spot is hard to find
All the roads are blocked
As they streets with cars are stocked
Hurrying to beat the red light
It’s always such a hard fight
Waiting for the bus
Which some days is a must
Running like a mad person
To reach the stop in time reason
Alas, it has already gone
Or maybe, it’s stuck with a yawn
What ever the method of transport
In the busy city it’s a mute choice
Since there is always heavy traffic
And it takes a long trek to navigate
Reaching any kind of destination
So, then what?
Walking without much hesitation
That could be the only good deviation!

Visit Greece

“A colourful country with a fascinating history and a turmoil present, who knows what the future will bring!” Gun Roswell

Visit Greece

When ever the is an agora to be visited
The Greek sure have it completed
Even if the whole buildings collapsed to ruins
They will find the fun in a minute
The old and the new collide
Painting pictures of the past into your mind
Those who have come and gone
Have left an imprint for us to explore
Walk down the rocky roads of the here and now
Let them take you back without the how
Explore it all, with your imagination
Soon you’ll be flying back without hesitation
Even if its all just make believe
Always remember, what here you have seen
The history, the present, the future
Mixed up in to a pleasant blow of soup

Five years of flying with WordPress

“We’re flying oh so high, with great big smiles, yes, it’s poetry in motion alright!” Gun Roswell

Five years of flying with WordPress

Five years since this started
Five years, and I cannot be parted
Five years more, they say
Five years! I’ll be sore
Five years, well, guess I can do more!

Thanks to all you readers and writers out there!
Keep on blogging Y’all!

Motorbike and the Rain

“There is nothing to riding in the rain, even if barefoot” Gun Roswell

Motorbike and the Rain

When it rains, it may pour
Your mind and mentality, dropping to the floor
All them puddles just waiting
So, why the hell are you hesitating?

Just jump on that good old moped
Get out there, even if soaking
Ride like a kid you once were
Through the soaking rain without care

Soon the fun will come to a halt
If a flash of light will give you a jolt
But take the advantage
Of that free power charge

Keep on riding in the rain
Even if you feel a little pain
It’s just the asphalt under your soles
Because you dared to bare your soul

Camping in style

“When camping, do it in style, camp style” Gun Roswell

Camping in style

When the bug hits you
It’s not so easy to refuse
When the great open wide beckons
It’s really the time to reckon
Whether to pack for a trip long
Or just a few days going strong
Camping can be cool in a van
But a trip on a bike
With just enough gear to hike
Beats the mundane bed
When sleeping on the ground instead
But the ultimate luxury
For a weekend trip on a hurry
Is a caravan from the beyond
Call it campy camping fun
But the looks received will secure the pun
In a seventies vehicle
Of a trip quite memorable

Colours in Black and White

“See the world in monochromatic colours, all the greys you can imagine” Gun Roswell

Colours in Black and White

When the world gets much too bright
The colours so totally lush and vibrant
You only want to tone it down ever so slightly
And what remains,
Is all in total blacks and whites

But never forget those shady greys
Which all them scenerys may stain
But there is something gorgeous in the shadows
Where the monochromatic themselves allow
To be as colourful as they may

There is colour all around
From the skies to the lowest ground
They may all be all in black and white
But just the same,
They give you the chills and smiles