Happy World Television Day!

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“We owe a lot to Thomas Edison
– if it wasn’t for him,
we’d be watching television by candlelight”
Milton Berle

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World Television Day

Where would we be
Without our TV

No one or nothing
To guide us
Shining the light on us
The knowledge and wisdom shared
For no one can be spared
From the power of

Long live Television
Our one and true vision 😉

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“When I got my first television set,
I stopped caring so much about having close relationships”
Andy Warhol       

“Television is an invention that permits you
to be entertained in your living room
by people you wouldn’t have in your home”
David Frost

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“Television has brought back murder into the home
– where it belongs”
Alfred Hitchcock

Second Snow Fell

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“Oh Winter, so,
you decided to enter our lives once again?!”
Gun Roswell

Second Snow Fell

The prettiest of them all
Is a surprise snow fall
When pristine snow flakes
The dark earth shakes

For a moment all covered in white
Even the darkest of nights
Shines a wanderer’s path so bright
She cannot help, but smile
This nature’s artistic delight
Here to last, at least for a short while

Snow in November
Will soon return to the sender
And all the wonder and splendour
Will be replaced, with rain none too tender

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Seat Sunday: A Seat in the Woods

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“If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it”
Robert De Niro



Seat in the Woods

If the bears can poop in the woods
There is really no reason why you shouldn’t
Leave the comfort of the hoods
To observe the critters of the deepest wood
And take a soft chair with you
Sit down and start feeling good!