A Trip to the Lake 1

”Cannot beat being by the water!” Gun Roswell

A Trip to the Lake

Defying the Weather

Trying so very hard to ignore
What the weather gods have in store
Looking through the window shield
As the dark clouds arise from the field

Driving ever faster, beating the storms on this trip
The road getting plastered, as the rainy drops drip
The goal is just around the horizon, but cannot stop the rising
Of the darkening skies, no matter how hard I try

The petal is on the metal, the tires are a screeching
But yes, I am my destination reaching
Despite being drenched, from the waters around the bend
But never mind the weather, as I am here, in this place special

Harbour 3

“Soft sunny Sunday at the Sea” Gun Roswell


Yellows on the rocks appeared suddenly
Bursting into bloom, despite the gloom
Weather gods throwing snow and ice
When all nature was supposed to be nice

But these tiny little yellow buggers
They seem like nothing them bothers
Sprouting out at will, none of them ill
Growing even stronger, day by day still

Even on this hard rocky place
Even if the rain pours and the clouds stay
The first flowers of spring
Will stay just there and swing

Harbour 2

“Soft sunny Sunday at the Sea” Gun Roswell


The ripples on the water’s surface
The wind getting more and more restless
Tiny drops of soft rain on my face
As outside for the first time I dare

Due to the signs of spring
I wanted to get out and sing
Dance and frolic, like a new born
I would have preferred nothing to have worn

As the warming weather, is finally letting
Me to shed down my winter coat
Maybe even dare to take out a boat
A row, row myself, across the moat

Harbour 1

“Soft sunny Sunday at the Sea” Gun Roswell


Sunshine on a cloudy day
Will leave you with a smiley face
A Sunday’s stroll to the seaside
Into nature now so open wide

Forgetting the winter’s pest
As spring time is at its best
Enjoying the sounds of nature
On this afternoon, with pleasure

So many faces basking in the sun
Animals and children playing, having fun
The best time of the year is here
Guess it is a good time as any to cheer!

Archipelago 3

“Surrounded by water, what could be better?” Gun Roswell


There in the distance
A small cottage glistens
An image on top of the cool waters surface
Is it a mirage or made on purpose?

Once you have crossed that bridge
Taken the jump over the ledge
You have finally arrived to a place
Where nothing move, and everything stays

Always the same, maybe a tad lame
For some, this is a challenge, a game
Of survival of the fittest
But some of us just enjoy, the balance

Silence, roar, sun, storm
Changes so mild, even if the nature is wild
Human, animal, all equal
And just maybe, there will be sequel

Archipelago 2

Surrounded by water, what could be better?” Gun Roswell


A bridge carrying you over
To the paradise, or sort of
It’s an island surrounded by water
Maybe even get, a pet otter

Alas it’s heaven for those
Whom seek solitude and prose
So come on down get your dose
Of eternal, sometime surreal

Dream of the Finns
Where life really begins
On an island, in the middle
Of nowhere, without a paddle

Archipelago 1

“Surrounded by water, what could be better?” Gun Roswell


What, do you see?
Rock, and the eternal sea?
Or something else?
A dream?

Harsh life on an island
Nothing to keep you smiling
No grass, no trees
Blues, greys as far as you can see

Maybe so,
But before you step in that dingy and row
There is much more than sorrow
If you can let some time borrow

The nature wild and rough
Most of it still untouched
The wildlife may wary
Hope you wont get scary

Of birds a flocking
Especially when you’re cooking
And then plentiful sun
Under that surely some fun

But remember the changing weather
Better buckle up with a tether
When the cool storms hit
Then you really are up for shit!