the lighthouse — Repost from: The Matticus Kingdom

She stood on the outcropping, A sentinel towering above the rocks and foam, Weathering the worst of storms and darkest nights, Shining her brilliant light, her message of love and safety, for all to see. But she did her job too well, And her light guided everyone away from her, To where they needed to […]

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an awesome cat cafe experience — repost from : my sweetpainteddreams

With about 6 cat cafes in the metro, Le Cat Cafe is the nearest to my place and just a short drive away. Upon entering we were immediately greeted by the welcoming furry committee. Meet Barton, Butter and Prince Harry. Barton, the all white Ragamuffin Puspin is the very first one to greet us. He is […]

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The Many and Varied Properties of Stuff — Repost from : Well, That Was Different

Our household effects (HHE) arrived last week. As anticipated, it was insane. As in: defying the laws of physics. No way was it all going to fit in this house! (No photos, as I’ve been told several times that they are “triggering” for some expats…) So, for the last several days, we’ve been making even […]

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