Cats ans Dogs for Caturday

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Photo Credits Miranda Kuusisto

“I kind of imagine myself at eighty, a cat lady” Juliette Lewis

Cats Dogs 2

Cats ans Dogs 

Cats and Dogs
Put them in a box
What secrets untold
Before you unfold
When the box is opened
Only keep hoping
There is no other agenda
Are they friends or enemies
Or just plain frenemies
That is the age old dilemma
Of Cats and Dogs

Cats Dogs 3

Fabulous Friday!

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“After a really hectic week, I hate going out on a Friday evening, so I’ll always opt for a night at home” Donna Air


Fabulous Friday!

A new day
A new weekend
A new leaf

A new beginning
A blank page
I am, in center stage

On my way
My vision quite clear
People looking, in disbelief
As I am swinging
Down the street

Sounds of pops and crackles
Letting out a chuckle
Heading towards the harbour
The fireworks beginning
Feeling like I’m winning

Found the new location
Time for a celebration
For new sensations
Time for fun and play
To the rhythm starting to sway

Music and laughter
Not feeling the dafter
Only joy and being alive
Time for a high five
Let’s all have a ball

Life without Coffee? in TBT

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“There is no life before the first cup of coffee in the morning”


Life without Coffee?

It’s getting to be a borderline cliche
Like something so unnerving at play
But out of all the things to loose
If I really had to choose
What ever troubles life may bring
There is this only one thing
There is one thing I cannot do without
Uttered without hesitation or doubt
Not without my Coffee!

World Wide Wednesday in Lanzarote

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“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin


Into the harbour and down to the beach
Plenty of scenery if that’s what you seek
Blue skies, sunshine and warm weather
How could the holidays get any better?

A road trip to a nearby village
If we were Vikings, we’d certainly pillage
A quaint little place
A while everyone stays
But later it’s time to set sail
And back to the resort trail

A land filled with rocks and lava
Taking it easy with a cup of java
Especially since it’s as hot as a sauna
But still, this is almost complete nirvana

Just a A Bench to Sit on

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“I don’t generally like running. I believe in training by rising gently up and down from the bench” Satchel Paige

Just a Bench to Sit on

I was looking for
A bench to sit on
What I hoped to score
Something close to a lawn
To lay my tired self
On a softer shelf

Then I saw it
The bench, made of stone
When I tried to sit
I felt it to my bones
Too hard for a fit!

Moving forward
I found one, made of wood
Maybe it wasn’t hard
Rather suitably good
Too soft for a fit!

So once again
I had to complain
But I knew, the right seat
Was just in reach
I just had to seek

A little while longer
As I moved along
The feeling now stronger
I knew it wouldn’t be long
I was close to finding
As I saw the metal shining

I finally found it
A bench made of metal
For me to sit
Soft as a petal
A purr-fect fit