Spring cacophony I two

“So many colours out there, you go nuts!” Gun Roswell

Spring cacophony

Red popping forth

The red dominated the scene
Even left behind, was all the green
Fading into the black and white
As the red had finally got on its fight
Against the dreary and dull
With temperatures below the null
From now on nothing but strong colours
With lots of delightfully intoxicating odours
Spring has sprung
The world is feeling young
So, go out and enjoy the scenery
Which now exist in plenty
Guess it is really that time
When sitting outside
With a cool glass of wine
And no longer living in the phase of stun
But going out there, for some long awaited fun

Spring cacophony I one

“So many colours out there, you go nuts!” Gun Roswell

Spring cacophony

Up the tree tops

Look up at the tree tops
The buds have really popped
As nothing could have the spring stopped
And it finally topped
The cruel grey season
Lasting too long, almost like treason
By Mother Nature as only she can
Release all the growth from their wintry prison
But now the wait is over
And the colours are all over and everywhere
Dance around in the fields over there
And sing a song of spring in here

High above the clouds (WWW)

”I am always dreaming, of travelling, to other lands” Gun Roswell


High above the clouds

Wing side, high above the clouds, en route, destination unknown
Boldly going, where no one, well not me at least, has before gone
Flying solo and completely off the grid, turned off even my phone
That alone, should indicate, my willingness, to travel and that I have grown
So even if this money which I borrowed, and this time is only on loan
I am finally going. towards the destiny, chosen a long time a go
Still, safely, following the route, of the preprogrammed drone
And then, once and for all, daring to venture, out there, on my own

Red Sunset 2

“The sunset painted the sky red” Gun Roswell

Red Sunset

Hot ball of fire

A rounded ball
Ball of fire
Fire so strong
Strong enough to keep going
Going for an eternity
Eternity lasting for a day
Day of light
Light of the sun
Sun now setting
Setting until dawn
Dawn awaited for the night
Night so dark
Dark as the black skies
Skies soon turning
Turning to the blues
Blues before the light
Light so bright
Bright as the sun
Sun giving life
Life going on below
Below on the ground
Ground never the skies
Skies are so high
High as the stars
Stars cannot be reached
Reached with my hand
Hand raised high up
Up towards the skies
Skies, never stop watching!

Mundane Monday and Spring Time 2

”It’s another Monday again folks, but today it seems to be so much nicer!” Gun Roswell

Mundane Monday and Spring Time

Creepy Crawly

It was there, on the leaf
Against the sun, so difficult to see
But by accident it appeared
On the picture, so weird

A creepy crawly
On the day so balmy
But it’s part of nature
So really, do not hate her

All them creatures great and small
Are present from spring till fall
Sit down, enjoy them all
Soon enough, there will be snow!

Red Sunset 1

“The sunset painted the sky red” Gun Roswell

Red Sunset

Over the mountains

A streak of light reflected
Reflected beyond the clouds
Clouds so thick, it’s almost a shroud
Shroud of many colours
Colours with the scent
Scent of the colour red
Red is the colour to reinvent
Reinvent the life
Life going to a hide
Hide only present for the night
Night never lasting
Lasting only until morning
Morning sun arises again
Again the life begins
Begins and then in the evening
Evening calls for an end
End never lasting long
Long as the darkness
Darkness only for hours
Hours getting shorter
Shorter by the minutes
Minutes counting fast
Fast as the speed of light
Light, present again in the morning
Morning, when the day is dawning

Happy 80th Birthday Sir Ian McKellen!

Let's Go To The Movies

You are probably already aware that I am a huge fan of Sir Ian McKellen and the legendary actor turns 80 years old today! With no signs of slowing down having been in the West End last year, still starring in films and currently on an epic UK tour to celebrate turning 80! I will be heading to see it in August when he comes to Newcastle!

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