Seat Sunday: A Seat in the Bar

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“A throne is only a bench covered with velvet”
Napoleon Bonaparte


A Seat in the Bar

Sitting in a comfy leathery seat
With your favourite treat
Chosen none too hasty
A glass of something tasty
Enjoy the fleeting moment
Without any sound or comment
It won’t last for long
And then, the moment, is gone

The Dame and the White Cat for Caturday

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“When all candles be out, all cats be grey” John Heywood


The Dame and the White Cat 

The dame with her white cat
Stepped in for a quick chat
Sat down and whisked off her hat
Ordered a coffee with milk non-fat

“Good evening dearie”
She said leering
“Nice weather we are having this evening”

That was all she said
Her conversation dropping dead
Just quietly sipping the beverage
As if looking for a leverage

I stood there staring
The silence more than unbearing
Wondering ‘what or who was this stranger
Were we all in danger?’

As if reading my mind
The lady put down the cup
And finally looked up
And with smile made of kind

She stated matter of factually
“I need more cats!”
As ipso facto, this was actually
A store, where one could purchase such things

Smokey Friday for Freaky Friday I one

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“It’s always difficult to keep Fridays confined within themselves
…they tend to spill over”
Kai Sinclair

Smokey Friday

Smoke, on the water, smoke, on the asphalt, smoke in the air: That is not fair!

Friday was finally here. A time of joy, a time of parties, a time of all the things you could not do during the week, because you had to get up early and that meant going to bed early… see where I am going with this? Yes it was just that time, Friday, the day, freedom begun.

But as most of us may have feared, the weather gods in their great wisdom, had decided our fates to follow an other path. The cold damp outside, just made you want to stay indoors, close the curtains, cover the doors. Light up all the candles… oh this was certainly a scandal!

Continued in part two

A Rose by any other Name for TBT

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“Wake up and smell the roses”


A Rose by any other Name

You delicate little thing
What joy for me you bring
You landed on my desk
Looking oh so statuesque
You were a gift for my birthday
Even though it was a workday
Thanks dear work mates
Bringing something great
To an otherwise dreary day