First Snow Fell

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“Oh Winter, thou art a heartless bitch!”

First Snow Fell

Snow fell
What the hell?
If you can’t beat it
Just admit it:
You are defeated!

Dig deep in the closet
For that ensamble snow set
And remember what you bet:
Not to another winter,
Will my foot inside set!

So now in my window
Watching the snow fall
Mind wandering to a climate warm
With only sunshine and no storm
As the snow fell more steadily
I was sighing quite heavily

But just remember
Those rainy dark days in September
Guess snow in October
Will lighten the mood and nature
To a state of less hature!?

25 thoughts on “First Snow Fell

  1. Wow! Such an early snowfall. In New York we usually don’t have snow until either late December or early January. Winter is a mean guy. That’s why he’s called Old Man Winter.

    Looking forward to the Spring/Summer Goddess 2018.

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