Readers’ cats — Why Evolution Is True

As today is International Cat Day (for reals!), this morning I offered to put up the first five pictures that readers sent me of their cats. Well, I didn’t have to wait long: within half an hour I had received five, and put up a note to hold off. People like to show off their […]

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On the Beach

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“Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads”
Marianne Moore

On the Beach

They say, ‘Life is a beach’
If you want that high to reach
Eat and keep the peach
Then listen to no speech
Cut the strings and barriers breach
Just this moment siege
And you know, you have reached
Your life’s beach

10 Catty Etymologies for International Cat Day — Mashed Radish

From German hangovers to Iraqi silks, the English language loves its cats. It’s International Cat Day, founded, apparently, in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. So, take a break from cat pics and vids online today and enjoy some cat-themed etymologies. Catymologies? Yeah, no, yeah…I think I have to.

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