Friends of Mine

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“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light”
Helen Keller

Friends of Mine

Please, be kind
Always, rewind
For these are all
Friends of mine

They were hard to find
Some, even declined
Some, were left behind
Some of them, combined

But when in a grind
I just had to remind
And here they all arrived
These, friends of mine

Poetics: A Closet Full of Shoes

Shoes! Do I need to say more? From


Welcome to the dVerse Poets bar from your host for today, Kim of Writing in North Norfolk.

It’s the end of August and next week children across the British Isles will be returning to school, spruced up in pristine uniforms and shiny new shoes, which prompted me to search for poetry about footwear by well-known poets. I could only find a few, including this wonderful shape poem by Shel Silverstein:

A Closet full of Shoes by Shel Silverstein

The poems I have found take shoes and transform them into something else, exploring a variety of fotwear in different ways.

‘Red Slippers’ by Amy Lowell is a wonderful example of imagist poetry that focuses on the shoe as an object of desire, making the red slippers other-worldly:

In ‘My Shoes’ by Charles Simic, the shoe is secret face of your inner life. Worn  everyday, shoes become part of you; they go with you, take you places, know your…

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Elements and Symbols

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“If, as a chemist, I see a flower, I know all that is involved in synthesizing a flower’s elements.
And I know that even the fact that it exists is not something that is natural. It is a miracle”
— Albert Hofmann

Elements and Symbols

Laying dormant
By an informant

The symbols drawn
Onto the unknown elements
Before the early dawn
Possibly as ornaments
Signs of prediction
Part, of some ancient superstition

But fearful
These elements and symbols
Remaining a riddle
But nothing to belittle
Possibly the initials
Of gods from the past
Carved into stone
For ages to last