Staycation – Summer in Suburbia (one)

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“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability”
Sam Keen

Staycation – Summer in Suburbia in Daily Photo series

Staycation, a vacation, of a diffrent kind
Excellent choice, when you just try to unwind

Rain or shine
Just keep rollin with the twine
Life, will be, just fine
Expect, the sun to shine
Go out, to dine
So what, if you only have a dime
You can pretend, you’re a mime

At my station, on the windowsill
I try to sit, oh so very still
Observing, memorizing, mesmorising
Watching the sun set and the sun rising

No hurries, no worries
Time is standing still
I shall enjoy, the summer flurries
Even, if it takes all my power of will!