Shoes on the Side

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“You can never have too many pairs of shoes!”
Gun Roswell

Shoes on the Side

Shoes, are the essence of life
(it’s like breathing in and breathing out)

Shoes, will get you through a fight
(especially if you’re wearing stilettos)

Shoes, are never unkind
(unless you are breaking in a new pair! just remember to have band aid to spare!)

Shoes, will help you unwind
(those comfy old ones, you just did not dare to throw away)

Shoes, are always on my mind
(I wear them, I buy them, I store them, I admire them…)

Shoes, will alternately save mankind
(well it could not hurt if the world leaders talked about their new shiny shoes instead of all the nasty things that are going on, could it now!)

If you don’t have any shoes
Then snooze, you loose!