What, is Poetry?

Posted in Simply Poetry

“Poetry is just the evidence of life.
If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.
― Leonard Cohen

What, is Poetry?

What, is poetry?
A bird singing in the trees
A child playing in the streets
A loved one being seen

What, is poetry?
Rain fall, on a summer’s day
A relative, who came to stay
A new kitten, hard at play

What, is poetry?
A new shiny handbag
A day of feeling sad
Good company, in your tiny flat

What, is poetry?
A shadow on the wall at night
A choice to leave from a fight
Someone’s whisper, of a word of kind

What, is poetry?
A fading memory, making you smile
An old song, making you want to jive
A co-worker, giving you a high five

What, is poetry?
A beautiful display, outside the window
A messy hair, where the wind blows
Success, when you finally learnt to sow

What, is poetry?
Simply life,
With a touch of strife
And whether you choose, to smile

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