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“There are some days when I think
I’m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction”
Salvador Dali


It was just a simple overdose
A mass of a size of bordering gross
They should have just given hit me with a hose
Burning up was oh so very close…

The final diagnose:
Too much sun on a scorching day
Will not keep the nurses or doctors away

A Code to Joy or 2017 06 27 52 aka Happy Birthday to Me!

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“All right, it’s worked so far, but we’re not out yet”
Dr McCoy, Star Trek

A Code to Joy or 2017 06 27 52

gr 51


Ciphered code:
2017 06 27 52

A lottery number?
You may have won!
No, not in this mode
Just fall back to slumber

Nothing too cryptic
Nothing remotely close to apocalyptic
But, a date of some importance
At least for where I take my stance

Today, turning fifty one
Feeling, like a phaser on stun
Pardon the Star Trek pun
Being La Gun, is still lots of fun

Happy Birthday to me-ee!

Shoes on the Side

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“You can never have too many pairs of shoes!”
Gun Roswell

Shoes on the Side

Shoes, are the essence of life
(it’s like breathing in and breathing out)

Shoes, will get you through a fight
(especially if you’re wearing stilettos)

Shoes, are never unkind
(unless you are breaking in a new pair! just remember to have band aid to spare!)

Shoes, will help you unwind
(those comfy old ones, you just did not dare to throw away)

Shoes, are always on my mind
(I wear them, I buy them, I store them, I admire them…)

Shoes, will alternately save mankind
(well it could not hurt if the world leaders talked about their new shiny shoes instead of all the nasty things that are going on, could it now!)

If you don’t have any shoes
Then snooze, you loose!

Closed for Summer

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“What good is the warmth of summer,
without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
― John Steinbeck

Closed for Summer

The sign stated boldly:
“Closed for summer”

Oh, what an unexpected bummer!
And here, I rented this hummer
To roam around the countryside
In a built up haze of wonder!

Pacing around the yard
Knowing full well I could not get far
A smile upon my face
Yes, this is the place
I would make my case

“What if I just break in?
Surely, that would not be a great sin?
After squatting for a week or two,
Just leave a kind thank you note and a payment too?
That would teach them a lesson
Not with the tourist of summer to be messin'”

“Closed for summer my derrière!
From now on, this summer just got merrier!”