Seagulls (one)

Posted in Daily Photo

“When the seagulls follow the trawler,
t is because they think
sardines will be thrown into the sea”
Eric Cantona


“Are you looking at me?”
The seagull retorted angrily

“If you did not bring a fish,
Then on a secret I will not dish,
Nor will I grant you any wish!”

“Are you a bird or a genie?”
The passerby asked,
Bewildered, of the seagull’s comment

“What on earth are you on about?
I was just flapping my snout,
What ever comes out
Never you give a doubt!”
The seagull sarcastically responded

“I, I,”
The passerby stammered,
“I just thought…

“You people with the thinking!
Don’t think, just do!”

“Oh, ok then!
I wish
For a juicy fish
And a side dish
Of a salad!”

“Wish noted
Wish may
Or may not be realized.
It’s hard to say
With these modern
Wishing machines.

Move along,
Nothing else here to see,
Just enjoying the sun,
Trying to get a tan,
So, move along!”

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