Mistrust is such an Ugly Word

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Mistrust is such an Ugly Word

My poor little mistrusting thing
Think ,what joy a friend may bring
Together sharing your precious blings
Laughing when playing in the swing

Trust is a difficult thing
You say quicker than the clock could ding
I am afraid of the sting
Even if it means alone I would sing

Your world may not always be on a string
And you may not always be the king
But if you want that bell to ring
Spread out far your wings
And in the chorus you may sing


Happy 86th Birthday James Earl Jones!

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“There’s nothing I would retire for, so I won’t retire”
James Earl Jones

Happy 86th Birthday James Earl Jones!


A voice like thunder
Presence filled with wonder
From pre-med
On to the stage
Many a great characters
Taking us into adventures
But lucky were us nerds
When the voice of Darth Vader we heard
Other than that?
Well, of course, many happy returns!


Happy 95th Birthday Betty White!

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“I may be a senior, but so what? I’m still hot”
Betty White

Happy 95th Birthday Betty White!


Absolutely fabulous
Absolutely gorgeous
Absolutely hilarious
Absolutely flawless

Laughter is eternal
Completely universal
If I could not laugh
I would be terminal

Thanks for everything so far Ms. Betty
Throwing your way some confetti
What ever more you can deliver
I am totally ready!
Many happy returns,