The Year, 2016

Posted in Simply Poetry

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
whispering, ‘It will be happier.’ “
Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Year, 2016

A year of joy, a year of sorrow
Sometimes thinking, there is no tomorrow

Two-Thousand and Sixteen
You made us wanna scream
One day a true horror movie
Which nobody wanted to see
Afterward, in our beds we lay
Out of control and in full dismay
Then, come next day,
We all got high and groovy
Fulfilling our duties
Like good soldiers, after a ‘smoothie’

Ups and downs
Laughs and frowns
Too many mishaps
To close all the gaps
What to do with that?
Live everyday in fear?
Or just roll over
And wait for the new year?

Oh, Two-Thousand and Sixteen
You left us conflicted
Can we ever another year trust
Or suspect it’s here to destroy us
Maybe this type of thing was predicted
Or maybe something just shifted
One unlucky moment
For a while in torment
Then, a brightly shining object
Gave us fulfillment
And all hope was restored
Finally looking forward
To a happy ending?

Maybe, but before this poem’s sending
Some thinking time to be spending
Planning ahead
So next time, no need to be scared
But for now, for a brighter future toward
I am hopefully on board
And at finish line stating
“I got a score!”


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