Chocolate is The Answer: Who Cares What the Question is! (BEST OF 2016)

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“There are four basic food groups:
milk chocolate, dark chocolate,
white chocolate, and chocolate truffles”

Chocolate is The Answer, Who Cares What the Question is!


You may be iconic
But also diabolic
It’s quite symbolic
To call me a ‘holic
But still I frolic
When I get glycogenic

Pining for your taste
Of the full flavour laced
With truffles
My mouth muffled
When I eat
My favourite treat

My life in dire straits
Would be
Without the traits
You offer me
Oh sweet Chocolate

choco 1

My Little Piece of Heaven! (BEST OF 2016)

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“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate” Jo Brand

My Little Piece of Heaven


There is just
something about you
I am in lust
And only for you

I am finding it impossible
to stay away
Highly improbable
Anything would keep me at bay

I lost you
I found you

My little bit of Heaven
By sweet sweet
I am up to seven
My one and only treat

My sweet chocolate bar
In a serial package
You didn’t venture too far
When I was tracking