Who the Hell is Gun?

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Photography and Poetry


“I cannot sing, dance, act or write, but it never stopped me from doing any of those things” Gun Roswell

Who the Hell is Gun?

She thinks she is the Gun with the fastest bullets
She sure loves her creature comforts
Her chair, her Trek, her Mac and coffee
Maybe even some added toffee

my-spot  food

mac-coffee  coffee

Home sweet home
Her true heart’s motto
Write more and still some more
Her work etchic on the dot-o

home sweet home 1  home sweet home 2

A holiday spent in a warmer climate
Cheeks will turn the colour of tomatoes
Fuel it will for a year’s worth
Surely going onwards strong with mirth

gun-5  food-coffee

Even of her car she wrote
A little tale, oh what a poet!
Drag Queens, comedy, science fiction
Between them not always a clear distinction

car  tech

creature comforts  gun-7

Her home filled with objet d’arts
A collection long ago did start
Oh and did I mention the many a shoes?
Maybe even a witch’s brew?

shoes-2  shoes-1

Her leg was operated a while ago
Now fully mended and on the go
High heels come a clacking
When someone at the door is knocking

gun 2  gun-3

Strong and independent is her mindset
But do not that let
Fool you into thinking
She is not as soft as a kitten

strong-women  cats-hd-photo-wallpapers-5750_thumb

When it comes to her and hers
You can softly hear her purr
When the working day is done
Let the slumber surely come

gun-6  gun-4

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