Photo Challenge by SYLVAIN LANDRY
A response to Sylvain’s challenge theme of Love, Amour

Writing 101, Day 19: Feature a guest


An homage to my dear sister and her one true love
Photo credits Miranda Kuusisto, Jessica Solingius

InstaReel Photo 2

“Love isn’t always as straight and narrow as you’d like to think” Gun Roswell


Oh L’amour
The word itself, pure glamour

If it fits like a glove
Like the two proverbial doves
On a branch busy at tweet
Generating more heat
Than a red glowing stove

Love knows no gender
Love knows no age
Love is always tender
Love knows no hate
InstaReel Photo 1

InstaReel Photo    InstaReel Photo 9

InstaReel Photo 16    InstaReel Photo 15

InstaReel Photo 13    InstaReel Photo 11

InstaReel Photo 7    InstaReel Photo 4

InstaReel Photo 9    InstaReel Photo 3

InstaReel Photo 12
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