Blogging 201, Day Nine: HTML Basics

Blogging 201, Day Nine: HTML Basics

A few days ago, we talked about text widgets and gave you a bit of code that would let you display an image in a text widget. That code was HTML, and there’s lots more it helps you do.

Today’s takeaways: we’ll understand what HTML is, how to find our posts’ and pages’ HTML, and a few foundational HTML tags.

The content of all your posts and pages is written in HTML, even if you don’t know it. When you’re drafting, you have access to a Visual Editor and an HTML Editor. The Visual Editor approximates what your post will actually look like, and automatically creates the HTML. The HTML Editor lets you see and edit the underlying code; viewing your post in the HTML Editor gives you some more editing options, and can help clarify why your posts look the way they do.



“Not only are bloggers suckers for the remarkable, so are the people who read blogs” Seth Godin

Blogging 201, Day Nine: HTML Basics

Head to the Commons to learn:

* What HTML is, and how to find yours
* Basic text styling with HTML
* Inserting links with HTML
* Inserting images with HTML

Action time! In your next post, create a link using HTML.


First off, I have to admit I am actually quite familiar with HTML (and XML). I was already coding some twenty years ago with C, Java and C++. First in school, then in school again and surprisingly, the third time in school. I actually have a degree both in software and web design. But as life would have it, I ended up doing completely different things in the wide world of IT.

I have worked with MS SharePoint and Joomla, which in many ways are similar to the current offering of WordPress in the form of a blog site. I also used to build and host my own sites over ten years ago, when no such thing as blogging, twitter or similar existed. And believe you me, it took a lot of time and effort to complete one simple site.

Guess what I am trying to convey here is: Thank goodness for built in HTML editors, where I don’t have to worry about code anymore! Saves me a lot of time and effort to make a simple post out there for the world to see! But that being said…

In response to the action given, please visit my personal home page as guided by this link, done in HTML code:

Check out my personal home page!


Keep calm and keep on blogging!


Throwback Thursday 2015-11-12


““I’m hoping that Thursday happy hour, doesn’t become Friday sad morning hangover. Happy Friday.”

Throwback Thursday 2015-11-12

Today is time for a walk down memory lane again and dig into the archives of Rantings Of A Third Kind since the beginning of time. Well at least from the beginning of this blog 😛

Here are a few featured today:

The Blame Game (Repost for TBT)

blame game

Highway to Hell (Repost for TBT)


If There is a Wrong Place and a Wrong Time, I’ll be There (Repost for TBT)


Let the Rantings continue!!!


If There is a Wrong Place and a Wrong Time, I’ll be There (Repost for TBT)

“Not fitting in just means you’re in the wrong place”

If There is a Wrong Place and a Wrong Time, I’ll be There

A sale of shoes
Small sizes only
feeling bold
Into the men’s section
I wandered
No time to loose
A nice pair of boots
Fitting like a glove
I am in love
A passer by
Asks me to pose
For a picture
To be a feature
In the paper

In my raggedy jeans
Crashing a party
Of the cocktail kind
A piece of a pie
Instructing all to jive
I was an
Overnight sensation
Even without
The proper presentation
Dancing the night away
With a hip and a sway

In my way to a show
My face in a glow
Hoping premium seats to score
Then a let down
All sold out
Feeling like clown
My face in a frown
Life is a bore

Sitting in the entry way
‘Hey lady’ I hear
Can you sing?
In my mind a ding
My heart is throbbing
Without remorse
I join the chorus
Singing my heart out
Without a doubt
The best night
Of my entire life
Despite the lack
Of several facts
I can’t dance, act or even sing


Highway to Hell (Repost for TBT)

“If you’re going through hell, keep going” Winston Churchill

Highway to Hell

You are on
The fast track
The last track
On a highway
To hell

Intensive pressure
Needing a refresher
Competitive pursuit
Of fame and fortune
Dancing to someone else’s flute
May end up a misfortune
If not stopping
Until you drop

The smart life
The simple life
The only life
You should choose
Before your goose
Is cooked
And you will loose
And get hooked


The Blame Game (Repost for TBT)

“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise” Sigmund Freud

The Blame Game

When you are a lying
On that sofa
Into a coma
Blaming everyone else
Except yourself

Your mother, your father
Even the family pet rather
Than copping-out
It was your self doubt
Accomplishments gone array
Just because of a high
To have and eat the cake
Soon turned out a fake

Excuses made
For each mistake
“It was not my quirk”
“The dog ate the homework”
“The weather was bad”
“The others made me feel sad”

Stop the blame game
Leave the shame
Look in the mirror
The picture getting clearer
Listen to the gong
Playing the same song
It was you
All along

blame game