Rantings Of A Third Kind

“I no longer believe in the Easter Bunny, and I’m beginning to wonder about Santa Claus. But I believe wholeheartedly in 47” Sarah Dolinar


The proof:

The time is now, 00.47
Roswell 1947
Film, 47 Minutes
Waterford Greenwich 47-piece Flatware Set
Exit 47
London Bus Routes – 47/N47
4711 Eau de toilette
Level 47 Walkthrough
Agent 47
47 Ronin
U.S. Code › Title 47
The 47 Society
47 likes on Facebook page
47 mints in the box

The homage:

How phenomenal
Quite Astrological
Completely magical
Oh so mythical
Like a rock star

My profound respect
I am fundamentally perplexed
How very puzzling
Even a little hustling
Quite the dazzling

You are

The culprit:

Maybe I am an alien
With a devilish plan

“Hello, I am Specialist 47
Delighted to make your acquaintance
Please find attached my credentials
For some mind maintenance”

Resident of Earth since 1947

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Gun Roswell in Numbers (Writing 101, 2)

Free flow/Poetry/Dialogue mix
Writing 101, Day Two: Write a list

“Today, let’s write a list. Compiling a list is a way to let loose, unlock ideas, and free your mind”

Today, write your own list on one of these topics:

* Things I Like
* Things I’ve Learned
* Things I Wish

If you want to tackle a different genre:

* Fiction: Your character discovers a piece of paper, with a list on it, on the ground. What happens next?

* Poetry: Incorporate numbers into a poem, or focus your poem on things you like, wish for, or have learned.


“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed” Ernest Hemingway

Gun Roswell in Numbers (Writing 101, 2)

Let’s do some simple arithmetic
To get this show started


I was born in nineteen hundred and sixty-five (1965)
That would make me a total of five and zero (50)
Surely that is worth some kind of high five (your hand held high and clashing with someone else’s hand)
After all I may not be a super hero (is there a number for that?)
But certainly some kind of artist, but hardly a Miro

Oh, yeah, I wrote that in rhyme!
Hope you don’t mind?


My slender shoe size is forty-two (42)
In other languages that means eight (8) for the United Kingdom
And ten (10) for the United States
Basically that means I can use my shoes
For walking, running and as skis
All in one package kind of deal with a freedom
To do what ever, when ever, whom ever (oops! scratch the last one!)
Of course I still need a pair of … skates

My waist size?

Well let’s not go there this time (there really is no measurable number)
Just kidding: I *do* have big bones!
Something something measured in stones (oh, wait, that’s weight: never mind!)

Got a full chest of ninety five (95DD) double dee
Yeah, really! Nothing new here to see!

On my high heels standing tall at a hundred and seventy-one (171)
That is metric and loosely translates as five point six feet (5.6)
I can easily steal the spot in the sun
Especially when I am wearing my high heels

Creatively I have been a

Photographer since I was ten (10)
Subtracted from fifty (50) that means a total of forty (40) years
During that time, I have managed to snap pics of the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben
– Imagine that!
Maybe time to shift to some new gears?

I started writing at the ripe old age of five (5)
Subtracted from fifty (50) that means a total of forty-five (45) years

So sue me: There are too many fives and I am having a difficulty of finding rhymes!


I had a lot of fun in customer service for sixteen (16) years
– Oh.My.God. Seriously? That is a reason for a few beers!
And lately, for the past twenty (20) odd years in the world of IT
– Yeah, you really think you are so clever and mighty? (don’t ya!)

Contact details

I live in the flat number 3 A 1 (that’s some kind of hexadecimal code, right?)
My postal code is 02650 (Total of 13, ah, the magical number!)
And you can call me at extension 566 4574 (note the 7 and 4: vice versa that makes 47)
I may answer your call or then again I might not

– Hey, this last one did not rhyme!
– You promised rhyme, in the beginning, remember?
Did not!
– Did too!

(angry staring contest continues, but this tale ends right here.)

-> OK, so this may not be a resume, just some shameless self promotion, that’s all!


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